Pet Stores in Eugene, Oregon

The city of Eugene, Oregon, has some nice pet stores if you’re around to do some shopping while you’re checking out the University. There are some standard ones, as well as a handful of great aquarium stores. There are a lot of health conscious people there, so this type of diet is extended to the pet food in many of the stores!


Pet Time USA

This store contains a wide selection of fish and aquarium supplies, such as lighting, calcium reactors, protein skimmers, live rock and sand, clams, saltwater inverts and more. They have a wide selection of supplies for freshwater fish as well, along with plants for tanks. They have a bunch of different breeds of reptiles for sale, depending on what’s in stock, such as Yellow Footed Tortoises, Chinese Cave Geckos or Amazon Tree Boas. They also sell breeds of birds and small animals.

Wags Dog Emporium

This dog store contains dog foods, natural treats from local bakeries, interesting toys, human and dog gifts, collars, leashes, dog clothes, bowls, beds and more.

Zany Zoo Pets

This store has been open since 1991, and retains the goal of educating people about owning their different pets. They offer local, family-raised puppies, kittens and small animals. There are also captive bred reptiles and exotic animals. They offer a range of supplies and food for all types of pets. They offer community presentations, as well as free weekend petting zoos. This facility is USDA and AKC licensed and inspected. They also have grooming for cats and dogs, as well as some smaller animals. They board cats (with up to date vaccinations), birds, reptiles and small animals, just not dogs. Prices vary by animal. You can schedule presentations with Zany Zoo Pets.

The Healthy Pet

This is a natural pet food and supply store that has been open since 1997. They claim that their products are meant to enhance your pet’s health. They sell premium foods, nutritional supplements, natural grooming supplies, toys, books, anti-flea medicine, and other safe things. Some of the cat treats include little biscuits that are flavored like dried mouse, rabbit and calamari! They have a large selection of dog treats, including mainly meat, chew treats and healthy cookies. Grooming supplies range anything from nail care to combs; supplements range anything from joint health to essential fatty acids.

Scamp’s Pet Center

This store has a good selection of fish, but is not known to be very good for cats or dogs.

Liquid Sunshine Tropical Fish

This is a good store to go to if you’re building up your aquarium. They offer a fine selection of dรฉcor items, and will give you advice as to how to set up your aquarium so nothing harms your fish. They also offer aquarium filters and lighting.

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