Pet Stores in Fort Worth, Texas

There are a few nice pet shops located around Fort Worth, Texas. Some of them also offer livestock supplies, and there are also a few great boarding and grooming places.

Russell Feed and Supply

Russell Feed and Supply has a location in Fort Worth, and they carry feed and assorted foods for pets and livestock. They sell assorted foods and supplies for cats and dogs, such as premium foods, leashes, collars, beds, shampoos and more. They also sell some vet supplies for cats and dogs like wormers, vitamins and flea and tick treatments.

This store offers ample supply of foods for other types of animals, like horses, reptiles, small animals, tropical fish and many others.

Marshall Grain Company

Marshall Grain Company is a store that sells pet and livestock materials, along with a full line of gardening supplies. They have a large inventory of pet supplies, such as collars, leashes, dog clothes, bowls, grooming supplies, bedding, cat furniture, health supplies, bird cages and much more. They also sell food for dogs, cats, birds and small animals.

For farmers, Marshall Grain Company carries a very wide supply of livestock feed and supplies, like horses, poultry, cattle, swine, sheep and goats, as well as products for wild birds.

The Fish Place

The Fish Place has been in the same place since 1988. They have lots of freshwater and saltwater fish, freshwater plants, saltwater corals and invertebrates. They also carry lots of different aquarium supplies, including live brine, heaters, chillers, salt mix, ornaments and many more things.

They even offer aquarium services like installation, moving, vacation tending, on the site evaluation, demos and consultations.

Glamour Paws

Glamour Paws is a grooming salon with lots of different services, like silk conditioning, teeth brushing, flea bath, oatmeal baths, de-matting and de-shedding. They can groom both dogs and cats. They also sell an assortment of products, like toys, pillows, treats, cologne, pet carriers, food and bedding.

Pam’s All Breed Pet Grooming Parlor With Love

This place is loacted in Watauga, Texas, and is a small business located outside of a house that offers boarding and grooming services.

Animal House

Animal House is a pet sitting service located in Benbrook, Texas. They offer both cage-free boarding at their site and at-home sitting services. If you leave your dog with them, they have constant supervision, an outdoor play area and healthy snacks. They do dog walks, and offer discounts for over three times a week. Animal House also offers some training classes.

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3 thoughts on “Pet Stores in Fort Worth, Texas

  1. Tanya,

    Thanks for mentioning Marshall Grain Company. I’d just like to add that we carry over 25 different kinds of holistic and natural pet foods, including raw and fresh frozen meals & treats. Also, we really enjoy having people bring their pets with them into the store so that we can pet them & spoil them with a treat or 2 (with the owner’s permission, of course).

    Joyce Connelley
    VP Marketing
    Marshall Grain Co.

  2. Excellent review :) I was wondering if perhaps you could point me in the direction of a pet store that sells puppies? Small puppies (toy, miniatures to be exact). My husband and I are on a semi and need a dog under 20 pounds to take with us :) Any help would be appreciated.