Pet Stores in Kalamazoo, Michigan

The city of Kalamazoo, Michigan, has a good selection of locally-owned pet stores.

Some offer grooming services, and others offer luxury products for pampered pets. There is also a feed store for those who have livestock.

Bark’s 5th Avenue

Bark’s 5th Avenue is a large, well-stocked local pet store mostly centered around dogs. They have products for specific needs, such as eco-friendly shampoo, training aids and behavioral toys. For stylish animals, they carry things like designer collars, hand-painted place mats, pet jewelery and even some Swarovski crystal accessories for the bourgeoisie pet. For tougher dogs, they carry stuff like dog backpacks, frisbees, collapsible bowls, water canteens and camping accessories. Dogs are welcome to come in and try outfits on.

Bone Appetit Bakery

This place acts as mainly a groomer, but also has baked goods, boarding, food and other gifts. Pets are allowed to come in and check out the supply.

Oak Ridge Feed

Oak Ridge Feed is a family owned and operated store that has been around since 1997. They sell feed, supplies and accessories for an array of animals, ranging from cats, dogs, horses, wild birds, family fowl, small animals, livestock and fish. They sometimes hold events like training classes, adoptions and bake sales.

Mother’s Reef

Mother’s Reef is located in Parchment, Michigan. It carries assorted exotic pets and marine life, as well as supplies and accessories. The coral stock has some very unique specimens.

Camp Fido

Camp Fido is mainly a dog daycare center, with an environment designed so that dogs can get exercise and be social, rather than being home all day. They also offer grooming, training and shuttle services.

MV Pets

MV Pets is located in Portage, Michigan, and is an independent store that specializes mainly in nutritional food, supplies and aquatic pets.ย  They sell ample products for cats, dogs, fish, reptiles and birds, with everything to do with food, shelter and comfort.

Check out these crazy cat beds they sell!

Mattawan Pet Supplies

Mattawan Pet Supplies is located in Mattawan, Michigan, and is connected to Mattawan Animal Hospital. They carry specialty foods for cats and dogs, and some indulgent dog accessories. They also have some other products for small animals, reptiles, birds and fresh water fish. They also sometimes hold sales and fun events.

The lower level of this store is Geddes Groomed, where cats and dogs can get groomed, bathed or trimmed.

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