Pet Stores in Knoxville, Tennessee

Knoxville, Tennessee, has many great pet stores for animals of all kinds. These locally owned stores range from small mom and pop spots to huge warehouses!

Agri Feed Pet Supply

This pet store dates back to 1976, and continues to be locally owned and operated. It is the largest independent pet store in the Knoxville area. They have all sorts of supplies, snacks, toys and accessories for assorted animals, like cats, dogs, fish and birds. They also hold community events with various rescue groups every Saturday, which is a wonderful opportunity to adopt dogs.

Active Pets

Active Pets is a little, locally-owned store, which sells aquarium supplies, bird cages, bird equipment and assorted other pet food and supplies. They can special order items that they do not carry.

Strictly Feathers

This is the largest bird specialty store in Knoxville, and they sell some hand fed baby birds. They also carry bird feed and other supplies, as well as literature about owning birds.

Critter Barn

Critter Barn is centered around reptiles, and was established in 1972. They sell reptiles (mostly snakes), most of which they breed right in the store, and specialize in Ball Pythons, Boas and Bearded Dragons. They sell assorted food and supplies for reptiles too. There is even a dog, Cane, that hangs out in the store!

Coral Reef

This is a locally owned saltwater aquarium store that has aquarium supplies, corals and live rock and an expert staff.

Fins ‘n Skins Inc

This store is focused on cold blooded animals, but they also sell some small furry animals like hamsters and gerbils. They sell a wide selection of amphibians, reptiles, saltwater fish, freshwater fish and more. In terms of supplies, they have aquariums and terrariums, crickets, frozen and live rodents, plants, pumps, reef systems and rocks. They also do water analysis.


Appropriately named, this store has an insane selection of aquarium supplies for pond, fresh and salt water enthusiasts.

Pet Care Warehouse

This is a large store that serves a variety of animals, such as cats, dogs, freshwater fish, saltwater fish, reptiles, amphibians and birds. There is even a pet spa, where you do not need to have an appointment, and you can choose from a variety of programs, and choose what kind of shampoo your pet will be washed with.

Pet Quarters

Pet Quarters is a small place for retail pet supplies and grooming services. They sell brand name pet food, as well as products for cats, dogs, horses, birds, fish, reptiles and assorted small animals. They have grooming services five days a week by appointment, and can take care of dogs, cats and even guinea pigs. Pet Quarters also holds pet adoption services every Saturday.

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