Pet Stores in Missoula, Montana

The city of Missoula, Montana has a number of great pet stores, some of which are chains, and some of which are locally owned. Some stores even sell supplies for horses and ranches, and a couple of them do hiking programs for dogs to explore the great outdoors!

Quality Supply

This is a ranch supplies store that has several locations throughout Montana.

Their domestic pet supplies are mostly for cats and dogs, such as nutritional brand name pet foods, dog houses, pet carriers, bedding, toys, treats, collars, bowls,vaccines and training products. They also sell electric fencing materials.

If you own or ride a horse, they carry a full line of equipment, like saddles, blankets, pads, halters, cinches, feed and health supplies. For humans, they sell durable, rugged clothing for the work day.

Go Fetch

Go Fetch has three locations in the city of Missoula. The first location is on Woody Street, and it has a dog biscuit bakery, as well as self-service grooming services. The second location is by the Higgins Street Bridge, and then the third one is on North Reserve Street, and has facilities like professional grooming services and dog training. All of these stores sell assorted brands of pet foods, toys and accessories. You can also drop your dog off for a hiking service!

Dog Logic Inc

Dog Logic is a canine social club, and it has a 15,000 square foot gymnasium that has lots of equipment, like climbing ramps, tugging stations, interactive toys and nap time beds. There are boarding services, and in addition to kennels, they also have professional hikers who take dogs out on 2 hour or half day adventures. Apart from the wonderful activities available, Dog Logic also sells a variety of dog supplies, such as outdoor equipment, toys, collars and leashes. They even hold a weekly raffle! All dogs that are part of this club can attend monthly birthday parties.

Poochie Boutique

Poochie Boutique is a dog grooming place. Some of their services include bathing, drying, nail clipping, styling and trimming.

Neff’s Animal Specialties

This small store sells assorted cat and dog food and sometimes gives out free samples so your pet can try it out at home. They also hold dog agility and obedience classes.

PetSmart Missoula

This chain store has a location in Missoula, and this specific location offers grooming and training services. They also sell food and supplies for dogs, cats, caged birds, wild birds, fish, reptiles and assorted small animals. PetSmart is a large, fully stocked store that sells almost everything.

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