Pet Stores in Plano, Texas

Plano, Texas, is a suburb of Dallas. If you are in the greater Dallas area, there are sure a lot of great pet shops to check out here, many of which sell really useful things. Some of these shops offer grooming or luxury products, while others do aquarium maintenance.

Plano Pets

Plano Pets is a family owned and operated pet store. They sell all sorts of pets, like puppies, kittens, birds, small animals, and apparently have the largest selection of reptiles in Texas. They also sell feeder animals like crickets, mice, mealworms, fish and shrimp. Their coral room is full of over 5,000 gallons of water, and there are also freshwater fish and plants, saltwater fish and invertebrates. Plano Pets also sells assorted food, accessories and other supplies for these animals.

Petmobile Hospital sometimes parks in front of Plano Pets to offer low-cost vaccinations.


Appropriately named, WOOF! is a shop centered around dogs. They sell all sorts of quality playthings, that come in many shapes, from regular balls to dogs to squirrels. They also sell collar and harnesses, along with designer apparel. In terms of food, there are treats and supplements, designer bowls and premium dog foods. Your dog can also sleep in comfort with the many types of dog beds. WOOF! is also affiliated with some dog events.

They’ve even expanded to have a Kitty Korner.

Exotic Aquatics

Exotic Aquatics offers all sorts of aquarium services, like lighting, redecoration, pH adjusting, water quality testing and more.

Canine Commissary

Canine Commissary has a couple locations in Dallas and one in Plano. They specialize in “natural wellness for your pet,” and have been around for over 28 years. They provide customers a large selection of grooming supplies, pet toys, collars, harnesses, leashes, dog houses and other products. For dogs and cats, they carry foods for specialty diets, like raw and grain-free.


SUDaPUP is a place where you can take your dog in for a self-service bath in a clean, professional environment. Their bathing facilities charge by the weight of your dog, where you can shampoo, condition, comb and dry them. They are also a dog deli that has all sorts of creative gourmet dog treats.

Foxy Paws

Foxy Paws is a fancy pet boutique, where you can buy cute dog clothes, accessories, treats, beds and other designer gifts.

Handsome Hound

Handsome Hound is a boarding and grooming center for dogs and cats. They also sell shampoos and other pet washing products.

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