Pet Stores in Saint Louis, Missouri


St Louis, Missouri, has a few very special pet stores. Some of the pet stores have very healthy food for cats and dogs, and offer self-service washing, which is great if you are up to outdoor activities in this area. There are also specialty stores for fish and birds.

Wolfgang’s Pet Shop

This pet store offers a selection of quality cat and dog food, toys, treats, medicine, supplies, dog cake, clothing and accessories.

They also offer fresh baked dog cookies, that come in flavors like “Cowabunga Love,” “Pawsitively Scrumptious Lover Cookie,” and more delicious options for your hungry canine. These cookies are made without any salts, sugars or unnatural preservatives. The staff at Wolfgang’s even offers lots of grooming services, with anything from teeth brushing to de-shedding to hand-scissored cuts. They also hold events on occasion. You can even hold a dog party at Wolfgang’s!

Four Muddy Paws

Four Muddy Paws is a pet store located both in Saint Louis and in Edwardsville, Illinois. The Saint Louis store is located in a renovated, eco-friendly historic building, which is 100% handicap accessible!

They offer a ton of great items to buy, such as holistic dog and cat food, sanitary supplies, pet beds, coats, sweaters, training gear, greeting cards and more. They also offer outdoor and hiking gear for dogs who like to rough it! They also have extensive grooming services, and a fun self-service pet wash, where you can wash your dog, cat or potbelly pig!

If you are going to St Louis any time soon, check out their events.

Varietees Bird Shop

Located in Valley Park, Missouri, this shop specializes in birds. They sell many hand fed baby birds, such as conures, macaws and finches. There is also a fine selection of bird food, treats, toys, cages, perches and more. For bird owners, they carry DVDs and books.

Pets in the City

This store is mainly a vendor of health food for pets, for those on holistic, organic and raw diets. They have a rich selection of healthy options that is always changing.

They also have non-edible items for sale, including collars, leashes, costumes, training supplies, grooming supplies and toys. There is also a self-wash service, which is less expensive for smaller dogs and cats, as well as grooming services.

Beldt’s Aquarium and Pet Shop

Located in Hazelwood, Missouri, this is the largest store in the St Louis area for saltwater and freshwater fish, as well as soft and hard corals. In addition to fish, they are also the largest reptile store in the area. They even sell dogs at this store. Their selection varies and is constantly being updated.

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3 thoughts on “Pet Stores in Saint Louis, Missouri

  1. There is a recent addition to this list. Bonzer Pets, a pet healthfood store and bakery located in the central west end.

    Treats and food are fresh baked daily, and they even have dog pizza on weekends.

    They’re currently takeout only and only carry dog products, but soon will begin offering cat treats and food.

  2. been trying to find the dog bunting shown on Fox2 this AM.Haven’t been able to yet.This is supposed to help a dog’s fear of fireworks.