Pet Stores in Salem, Oregon

Salem, Oregon has an array of interesting small pet businesses. Most of them are centered around dogs, but there are also some resources for cats and other domestic animals.

Sebastian’s Healthy Pet Food & Supply

This store has been open since 1993, and they sell all sorts of premium cat and dog foods, along with nail trimmers, toys, dental hygiene products, flea products and more.

Yuppy Puppy

Yuppy Puppy is located in Salem’s historic Reed Opera House. It is a new store that opened in 2008, and is dedicated to providing dogs with many options of fashion and design. They claim to catch the trends in all of the major fashion centers in the world to bring straight to the dogs.

If your dog is festive, they have all sorts of different clothing for holidays, including Christmas, Valentine’s, St Patricks, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. They also carry a wide range of different types of dog clothes, like coats, sweaters, hoodies, pants and bikinis. Apart from clothes, they also carry luxurious dog toys, harnesses, leashes, collars, carriers and travel accessories.

Coral Reef Pet Center

The Coral Reef Pet Center sells all sorts of saltwater fish, corals and anonemoes. Some of their featured products include clams, yellowtort, jawfish and zoanthid polyps.

Pet Etc

Pet Etc is a locally owned store that sells all sorts of pet food, treats and supplies.ย  They also sell many accessories, carriers and health products.

Salem Friends of Felines

Salem Friends of Felines is not exactly a pet store, but is a thirft store and cat shelter. The thrift store is meant to raise money to help out the cats. They mostly sell clothing and household goods.

Everything Pawsable

Everything Pawsable is a dog training center, where they do puppy classes, obedience classes and therapy dog certification. They also sell some dog gifts, foods and supplies.

Pet Village Ltd

Pet Village has been providing pet boarding facilities ever since 1974. They also offer training services, like obedience classes, private lessons, puppy kindergarten and guard and protection classes.

Affordable Pet Grooming

Affordable Pet Grooming has services for all breeds and sizes. They can do baths, cuts, nails and other services for dogs. They also do boarding.

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