Pet Stores in Tallahassee, Florida

Tallahassee, Florida, has a bunch of local and chain pet stores that offer all sorts of pets for sale, and sell a wide array of different products. There are also dog-walking and pet-sitting services, as well as a store centered around wild bird supplies.

Carol’s Critters

Carol’s Critters is a locally-owned pet shop that has been open since 1991. They carry an array of brands of products for sale, ranging from useful pet medications to stylish pet wear to peanut butter flavored treats. They also sell some species of pets.

Cutting Edge Aquatics

This aquarium store sells glass and acrylic tanks, lighting and filtration systems, accurate test kits and nurturing fish food. Their supply of livestock is delivered to the store bi-weekly, with both common and rare species. You can also hire them for maintenance services, like aquarium set-ups, tank installs and certain custom jobs.

Dream Puppies

Dream Puppies sells a few breeds of puppies, as well as designer carriers, dog denim, brand name dog foods and other products. They also offer grooming services like shampoo, nail care, blow dry, medicated baths, teeth brushing, hair styling and flea bathing. There are even boarding services.

High Tide Aquarium

High Tide Aquarium is a locally-owned store that sells saltwater fish, corals and other aquatic supplies.

PAWS Pet Boutique

This pet store is dedicated to supplying wholesome natural pet food and treats for dogs and cats. Their products contain all natural ingredients, and there are organic lines, food for raw diets and supplements without chemicals or preservatives.

Panhandle Pet Supply

This is a locally-owned pet store that sells some pets, brand-name foods, accessories and pond supplies.

Wild Birds Unlimited

This store is more of nature shop than a pet shop. They sell supplies so that people can turn their backyards into birdfeeding habitats, and attract species like hummingbirds to come enjoy.

Ashley Feed and Hardware

This store has a supply of rolled hay along with healthy dog foods.

Pets R Us

Pets R Us is a local pet sitter for Southwood and Tallahassee areas. They also do dog walking service. They can offer pet sitting services for all sorts of different animals.

Creatures Featured Pet Shop

This pet store is located in Madison, Florida, and is mainly focused on aquariums and ponds. They sell freshwater and saltwater fish and other products.

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