Pet Stores in the Northampton Area, Massachusetts

The area around  Northampton, Massachusetts, has all sorts of lovely pet shops. They have supplies for almost every pet or farm animal, as well as important services.

Dave’s Soda and Pet City

This fun pet store that has the two best things, soda and pet supplies. There is a wide array of Polar Beverages as well as Iams! The Northampton location features a self-service dog wash station, where they provide you with shampoos, conditioners, towels, tie-downs, tubs and aprons.

The Crystal Parrot

The Crystal Parrot is located in Southampton, MA, and the staff has ample knowledge on responsible pet bird upkeep. They not only have parrots, but also some cockatiels, parakeets and love birds which they selectively breed. In addition to their hand-fed baby birds, they also sell an array of useful products like cages, toys, playpens, treats, hand feeding formulas, peleted diets, vitamins and a special “Veggie Mix.” For humans, they have some books, magazines and bird related gifts.

Every Pet’s Dream

Every Pet’s Dream is a Northampton store with lots of quality products, like organic foods and nice toys, accessories and other products. This store is based around dogs and cats.

Exotic Fish and Pet World

This store is located in Southampton, and is a family owned business that is focused around aquariums and ponds. The store is full of over 150 aquariums with all sorts of crazy exotic fish, including catfish, rainbows, butterfly fish, puffers, blue lobsters, goldfish and also live plants. They also help out with tank set-up and maintenance.

Westfield Feed and Supplies

This is a large, independent feed store located in Westfield, Massachusetts. The store takes up 7,800 square feed, with products for farm, home and family. They sell pet foods for cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs and hermit crabs. They are also stocked with flea/tick control, collars, leashes, beds, crates, toys and more. This store also sells a bunch of feeds for farm animals like goats, horses, deer, zoo animals, sheep, wild birds, cows and llamas.

K9 Etiquette Dog Training and Pet Supplies

Located in Southampton, this place has everything related to dogs, including toys and food and a variety of services. For training services, they offer group and private lessons of anxiety, obedience and aggression. They have acupuncture services one day a week! They also offer dog daycare during certain weekdays, where dogs can play and interact with other dogs under supervision with the trained staff.

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  1. The farm Store at Dunrovin Farm in Halifax, MA…great place, fun for kids and we get our dog and cat food there!