Pet Stores in Wichita, Kansas

If you find yourself in Wichita, Kansas, there are lots of awesome local stores to shop for your pet, some of which also offer boarding and grooming services. This city has facilities for almost every type of finned, feathered or furry friend.

Guptons Pet Shop

Gupton’s Pet Shop has been open since 1966, and offers a multitude of services and products for various animals. On certain days, they offer “Critter Trimming,” where you can get your bird clipped and trimmed. They also offer boarding services for dogs, cats, birds and other small animals. There are also bathing facilities, where you can have them take care of your dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig or rat! They can also do water testing for tanks.

Guptons sells purebred and specialty puppies, as well as small animals, birds, fish, plants, fish, amphibians and reptiles. The store also has Dessa’s boutique for shoppers, with products like gourmet dog treats, colognes, furniture and collars.

Bed & Biscuit Center

This place has been in business since 1991, and offers grooming services for dogs and cats. They also sell a number of toys, foods in treats. The Bed & Biscuit Center even hosts a dog bakery that bakes their own dog cookies and treats, which are made out of human-consumable ingredients.

The Aquarium in Old Town

This is a locally owned and operated store that has been open for over 15 years. The store is driven by a custom centralized filtration system. They can help customers with designing tanks from start to finish. They sell a good deal of products, including aquariums, lighting, pumps and more.

Doggy Day Care LLC

Doggy Day Care is a famous local spot, sometimes featured on TV, and it is made to provide social, athletic and developmental facilities for dogs. Dogs that are 8 weeks old and up have many opportunities to enjoy this 5,000 square foot area by interacting with other dogs and staff members throughout the visit. All canines must be fixed and vaccinated to enter Doggy Day Care. They offer bathing, boarding, day care and training services.

Pet Haven

Pet Haven is a local pet store that has been open since 1979, and is mostly centered around dogs. They sell pet foods and supplies like collar and flea control products. They also offer obedience and grooming services.

Uptown Paws

Uptown Paws is a fun boutique for those who like to indulge. They offer specialty designer pet dishes, fancy harnesses, patterned leashes, stylish pet carriers and much more!

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