Pet Tips for Emergencies

There is a lot of talk about the hurricane heading towards the east coast this weekend and many of us are running out and making sure we have enough water, food, and batteries for flashlights. We are listening to the radio, figuring out whether to tape our windows or not, evacuating low-lying areas, and trying not to panic too much. But what about our pets? What should we do to make sure they are going to be ok too?

Pets rely on us for their well-being and we need to prepare for their safety as well. The following tips will help us and them feel more secure.

1: Prepare: get an emergency pet kit that is small and easy to carry. It should have some food, water, gauze, peroxide, medications that your pet needs, and other supplies. Extra tags and collar and leash can also come in handy.

2: Keep your pet’s vet records handy and make sure their ID tags, microchip, and other information updated. If you’ve moved make sure their information is current.

3: Pet carriers should be in areas of your house where you can easily get to them. On a shelf in a closet or in the garage where there is nothing blocking it is best. Tucking it away in the attic or basement means you may not be able to get to it when you’re rushing to get out of the house.

4: Keep a pic of your pet with their emergency kit in case you become separated from them. It will allow others to be able to identify and assist you in finding them.

5: Sanitation: litter, a litter box, newspapers, paper towels, and other supplies you normally use for your pet should be ready to grab so you can keep them clean. Birds and other animals will still need their usual supplies and having an extra emergency set will cut down on worrying that they are ok.

6: Bring some of their favorite toys or favorite bedding. It will help keep them calmer in the event of an emergency.

7: In the event of an emergency, check with your emergency shelter about their pet policy. If they do not allow pets, find out where you can bring your pet. Do not ever leave your pet behind if you are ordered to evacuate.

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  1. This is very important and useful post! In fact people often forget about their pets comfort and safety when we prepare for travel or evacuation. You do the great work when you develop this topic. Go on to do so and be successfull!