PetCube – Play With Your Pet (Remotely) Anytime, Anywhere

Spending a day at work away from your pet can be tough on them. They may get lonely, whine, and when you come home they will bounce off the walls wanting to play and spend time with you. Now, there’s a new way to interact with your pet while you’re gone, it’s called Pet Cube.

Pet Cube is a new gadget that connects with your smartphone and lets you talk and play with your pet anytime you’re not at home, and anywhere you have a data connection. On your phone you can move a laser around on the floor with a joystick on the touchscreen, call him/her over to the cube in your house, and if you want, share your interactions on your social networks!

For those of us who have pets that may be super playful, this could be a fun midday play session and allow you to see how they are doing. It is also a good way to see if your anxious dog, who is in the crate, is doing well, and if needed, you can speak and soothe him/her. However, some pets might get more anxious if they hear you but can’t see you. So that could be a pet-based call.

However, the great part of Pet Cube is it also has a public option for each cube, allowing anyone to play with a pet. Shelters and rescue groups, for example, who have Pet Cube would mean you could play with a room of kittens or puppies and get to know them. It might let you know which furry friend you want to take home before you get to the shelter.

If you are interested in learning more and buying a Pet Cube, check out their Kickstarter project here.

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