Pets Can Still Get Sick From Green Products

In an article released by the Associated Press, some green cleaning products can still contain chemicals that can make your pets and you ill. In some extreme cases, the contents could be deadly. While most cleaners are safer and some are non-toxic to kids and pets, the essential oils that are added to cleaners can upset a cat’s stomach. Lemon, orange, vanilla, and other scents can make a pet experience nausea. Dogs may also experience stomach problems if they walk on a wet floor and then lick their paws.

The “green” label on many products is often true but can be misleading. There are still some chemicals in the cleaners that are not safe for us, all of us, but they may not be as toxic as their cleaning counter-products. In general, they may be less toxic and it could take larger quantities to make our pets, kids, and us sick, probably quantities we would never use but it is very important to be aware of the dangers with some cleaners.

When buying products it is important to read the labels and make sure what we are buying is really “green.” Also, keep kids and pets out of the areas you are cleaning until everything is dry and products are put away. Strongly scented cleaners should be used in well-ventilated areas. Moving towards unscented cleaning supplies may help cut down on the risk of unintentionally making our pets sick.

I use baking soda on the carpets when vacuuming and vinegar and hot water to wipe down my counters in the kitchen. When I do a deep cleaning, I will close the door to the room I’m cleaning or close the cats off into another room until I am done. It prevents them from being near chemicals, getting scared of the vacuum or mop, and also gives me peace of mind that they won’t drink or lick anything that’s poisonous to them. It also means my floors can dry without dirty little paw prints stuck to the tiles.

What are your favorite green cleaning products? What do you do to keep your pets safe when you’re cleaning the house? Let us know.

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