Petswelcome to Bribe Visitors (with Great Prizes)!

It works for unscrupulous politicians . Which is a tautology.  Which is the opposite of an oxymoron. So why not for

OK. He liked pets, too. Or said he did. But that's where our similarity ends. Really.

What we’re trying to say is that we’re desperate for people to like us. Not for any financial gain, of course. No way. Just because, well, we’re needy and insecure. Also, because we like seeing people and their pets have a good time. And that’s what our Wonderful Westminster Weekend Giveaway is all about: You having a fantastic experience that involves pets. In this case dogs. Lots of them. At the 135th Annual Westminster  Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden in New York City. It just happens to fall on Valentine’s Day to make it even more extra special. So bring your partner along and have a romantic time and drink some champagne. Because champagne is also part of the give-away. Besides giving you tickets to both days of the Dog Show, we’ll also be giving you tickets to an after-show champagne celebration being thrown by Take The Lead (

Competing at Westminster.

And that’s not all. You’ll also be staying on us for 3 nights at one of the nicest hotels in New York: 70 Park Avenue: A Kimpton Hotel. They are very luxurious and very pet-friendly. We can’t think of a better combination. And, oh, yeah. We’re also sending you to the William Secord Gallery which is having a special art exhibition and sale of 19th-century dog paintings to coincide with the Westminster Show. And we’re going to give you a $400 stipend to cover your transportation to New York City so you can choose the method of travel that works best for you. Or you can hitchhike and spend it once you get here. That’s what we’d do. But we’re cheap. And needy.

The beautiful lobby of 70 Park Avenue.

Which brings us back to this give-away. All you have to do to enter is fill out a form at Nothing else. You don’t have to purchase stock or contribute to our pension plans or wrap money in tin foil and stick it in the lunch meat drawer of our office mini-fridge. We’re not saying not to do this. But you don’t have to. Nope. You just need to take 5 seconds and fill out a form.

Hey, this is our first bribe. Next time we’ll make you do something. Or profit from it. Or whatever it is bribes are supposed to achieve. In the meantime, though, we’ll take great pleasure in you having a wonderful time!

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One thought on “Petswelcome to Bribe Visitors (with Great Prizes)!

  1. I used your site/service for many years while we were traveling showing dogs. When you travel with three big dogs, “pet friendly” is the ONLY criteria! Not interested in recreational travel. If there’s no dog show, I don’t go. Thanks for the service.