Photographer Uses His Dog In All His Holiday Photos

While many of us send the traditional holidays to friends and family that may be a card we bought or a photo family card, one photographer uses his dog. Sounds normal right? You’re probably thinking his dog is sitting pretty in front of a fire place or out in the snow looking cute. But, no, his dog is often dressed up as something other than a dog.

Peter Thorpe, a photographer based in Bristol, has been using his dog for his photos for 20 years and each year dressed his dog up as a different animal. The cool part is he doesn’t use photoshopping, editing, or any digital overlays. He actually dresses his dog up in a costume! And his dog was happy to pose.

Now Raggle, Peter’s dog, is retired and doesn’t pose anymore but she was the perfect model.

To see a gallery of Raggle – check out Peter’s photo page here.

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