Play With Kittens From Your Cubicle

What are you doing today? Are you pounding away at your keyboard and mashing buttons while sipping some coffee? Take a break! Seriously, take a break and play with the kittens and young adults at Oregon Humane Society.

Starting today at 10am, people will be able to interact with the cats at the humane society without having to go there. The playroom that can be seen from the lobby as you enter the shelter has been revolutionized with a webcam and three robotic toys that you can control.

Two of the toys mimic fishing lines covered in material and another is a tube that spins around. There are several pan and tilt cameras which will allow you to view all the mayhem as you drive the kittens into a frenzy.

This is Oregon Humane’s first robotic playroom and a great way to take a break from your daily grind. You may even fall in love with a kitten from your desk and make the trip to the shelter after work to adopt him or her!

Sorry Mac users, the system only works on PC and they recommend using Internet Explorer but in future updates, it should be compatible with various browsers and OS systems. However, you can still watch the live stream as other users virtually interact with the felines.

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