PLEASE!! I WANT SOME TOO! – People food and pets

I think everyone who owns a dog knows this type of scenario:

Open the fridge, grab something for dinner and in two seconds there’s your canine buddy sitting next to you with the saddest eyes looking up at you.

A little table scrap here and there, a piece of pizza crust now and then, and a lick of a spoon that has some ice cream on it. Pet owners know how it is to slip a few treats to our dogs (and some cats) but we have to try to make smarter decisions about what to give them. Obviously things like alcohol, coffee, chocolate, and candy are bad for our pets. They don’t need it and it can cause their hearts to beat out of control and cause upset stomachs. There are some other foods we need to avoid giving them to make sure they stay healthy and happy.

The fat we trim off of chicken, beef, pork, and other meats is not good for our pets. As much as we may think it’s meat, not by-products, the fat isn’t good for them just like it’s not good for us. Even giving them a scrap of a cheeseburger or a few fries can be harmful. Any food high in fat can cause problems in our pets such as pancreatitis.

Have you ever seen a dog with a grape? Some eat it without a second thought and others roll it around on the floor, nibble the outside, and chase it like it’s a tiny ball. I watched a dog once investigate a grape that fell on the floor as if it was an alien life form that might attack. She crept up to it, nosed it, and was ready to run away. However, grapes aren’t good for dogs and neither are raisins. Both fruits can cause problems and bad reactions to dogs and some may end up with kidney problems or renal failure. So no grapes!

A ping pong ball tossed at a small dog can elicit the same curious but scared reaction.

So what should or can we share with our buddies?

Try giving your friend some brown rice, lean cuts of chicken breast, bits of oatmeal (not with sugar or any flavoring), and sweet potatoes if they twist your arm for some people food. However, the best thing to do is to try and break the cycle of begging for food and make sure they have toys and dog-specific treats that are good for them.

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2 thoughts on “PLEASE!! I WANT SOME TOO! – People food and pets

  1. Some of the dogs treats on the market are worse for a dog than some of the human food we might feed them. Full of sugar, salt, by-products, additives etc. It’s all the processed foods that will kill your dog. My Moms 9 year old Bichon Frise died of liver failure, they were feeding it everything under the sun, including toast & jam, spaghetti, and even chocolate cake..!

  2. We have a 12 year-old Yorkie who has had two surgeries due to calcium “stone” build-up in his bladder. All of this may have been prevented by limiting, or cutting out the people food. Especially the dairy! But, it is very hard not to slip him a little something when he looks at us with those longing eyes. At those times I remember that we have spent enough on him for two lifetimes. I try to think of it as over 2000 air miles!!!! I’d rather not gain any more miles that way.