Poisoned Meatballs Found in San Francisco Neighborhood

Alert: Someone is leaving poisoned meatballs in the Twin Peaks neighborhood of San Francisco

Earlier this month meatballs that were tainted with poison were strategically planted around a popular trail where pet owners walk their dogs. It is suspected the meatballs were there to poison or harm pets. Signs have been posted alerting pet owners to the hazard and SF’s Animal Control has asked people to report any suspicious behavior. They are investigating the matter and hope to have answers soon.

This is the second time poison has been discovered hiding in food intended to harm animals. Pet owners are advised to keep pets on short leashes and curb their pets from sniffing and exploring around bushes and shrubs where the meatballs were found. If your pet has a habit of picking things up in their mouth, pet owners are urged to curb that behavior for their own pet’s safety. Cat owners are also being urged to keep their cats indoors until this matter is resolved.

Back in July of 2013, hundreds of tainted meatballs were found in Twin Peaks and Diamond Heights containing poison.

If you have any information, please call the SF Animal Control. And please, be careful and keep your eyes open for any dangerous objects when walking your dog: food, broken glass, sharp objects, thorns from bushes, etc.

For more information, view the article from Mercury News

Image from HQWallBase.com

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