Poodle Clubs in the US

If you are a Poodle breeder, shower, owner, lover or enthusiast, check to see what is in your area:

Poodle Club of America

The Poodle Club of America is an official club that promotes the owning, breeding and training of purebred poodles and bringing their natural qualities to the state of perfection. They also encourage local Poodle clubs who are behind the purebred standard. The Poodle Club of America conducts licensed shows, field trials and obedience trails of this breed under the rules and regulations of the American Kennel Club (AKC). Their website has various resources on poodles to educate the public.

Poodle Club of Tulsa

The Poodle Club of Tulsa is an organization of Poodle owners, breeders and handlers that promotes the AKC breed standards. They sponsor shows, educate the public and help rescue poodles in need. They hold monthly meetings, which are both educational and social, and include activities like hosting speakers, demonstrations, videos, puppy parties and dinners; guests are welcome to attend.

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They are also connected to the rescue group, which helps spay, neuter, test, vaccinate and groom Poodles in need before matching them with new homes.

Lone Star Poodle Club

This Texas club is devoted to Poodle breed purity, and is involved with shows and monthly meetings.

Orlando Poodle Club

This Florida club is involved in encouraging the promotion of natural qualities of this dog breed. They hold meetings, and also hold annual Specialty and Obedience Trails.

Western Reserve Poodle Club

This club is centered in Cleveland, Ohio; it is an affiliate of the Poodle Club of America. They hold combined board and membership meetings the third Wednesday of each month. Those who want to apply for membership must attend at least two meetings, as well as agree to a code of ethics. They also have information regarding local breeders and groomers.

Valley of the Sun Poodle Club, Inc

This poodle club is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and is a network of poodle lovers, breeders and show dog people. They hold a meeting the fourth Tuesday of each month, and visitors are welcome to attend.

William Penn Poodle Club

This club is an affiliate of the Poodle Club of America, based in Pennsylvania. They aim to preserve the standard of the breed, as well as encourage their exhibition in conformation, obedience and other such trials. They hold an annual Specialty Show and Obedience Trail, and hold monthly meetings.


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