Pupicure: 7 Tips for Paw Care

Dogs use their paws to walk, dig, and do a ton of other things. They’d type if they could and write their own articles about what they need to keep their paws clean, hurt-free, and healthy.

With the summer months creeping up there’s things we need to do to make sure our dogs stay healthy like flea and tick protection, heart-worm protection, and dehydration. Their paws also need some TLC.

Here’s 7 ways to take care of your dog’s paws:

1: Keep their nails trimmed. A dog’s nails should touch the ground but if you hear “clack clack clack” as they walk or see their claw get snagged, then it’s time for a trim.

2: After walks or playing in a dog park, check the paws for things that might be stuck between the toes like pebbles, glass, and other objects. These can cause pain and discomfort.

3: Avoid long walks on hot pavement as this can cause injury to your dog’s feet. They can get blisters from the extreme heat. Try finding some shade to walk under or take them to the park where the grass is cooler.

4: Moisturize those pads. Dogs can get dry feet and like us, it can hurt and crack. Don’t use human moisturizers, ask your vet what to use.

5: Ask your groomer to trim the hair between the toes to avoid matting.

6: Keep your yard free of debris. Splinters, glass, and other sharp objects can cut your dog’s feet. Try to make sure your home is safe for them.

7: If your dog isn’t paw shy, try massaging the feet. It helps their circulation and can relax your dog.

As calloused and rough as a dog’s paws can become sometimes things can poke them, get stuck, and cause some pain. Some owners I know wipe their dog’s feet when they come inside from walks and others have gotten their dogs used to wearing booties. Not all dogs will like wearing boots but many of them will be ok with a foot wipe down and quick checkup to make sure nothing is stuck between the toes. Try using positive reinforcement to get your dog used to the idea and routine that they must have their feet touched and looked at after a walk. Get some special treats they love that are only used for “paw time.” They will learn and you’ll have peace of mind that your pup’s paws are healthy.

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4 thoughts on “Pupicure: 7 Tips for Paw Care

  1. I try to be so delicate when i trim my pugs toenails, but sometimes i just catch the tip and it will bleed….usually because he is fighting with me! I am not on a budget that allows me to afford a groomer at this time. Can emery boards help? and what do you do to help stop the bleeding if they do get nicked? Lastly, does neosporin for humans work for dogs on the sore paws? I want to make sure it is not toxic for them, but someone told me you can use it to help with infection on a toenail tip area or paw. Thanks :) Pugmommy

  2. Hi Sandy,

    Emery boards might not be strong enough to really file a dog’s nails down. Have you thought about trying the pedipaws filing tool? It’s not too expensive and I know some people who use it and say it works well.

    Sometimes some vets will trim nails for free. Maybe the next time you are picking up some flea or heartworm meds, you can ask if they will take a few min and trim your pug’s nails.

    As for stopping the bleeding – use styptic powder which can be purchased in any pet store.

    I’d suggest Bag Balm for sore skin on pets or a little vaseline. You dn’t want your dog licking neosporin.

  3. After we come in from our walk, my Papillon and I, I use brewed organic decaf green tea. I make 8oz, cool it, then leave by the door and use that to clean my Pups paw’s. Natural, safe and clean paws.