Puppy Mill Awareness Events

On June 17th, Texas passed the Commercial Dog and Cat Breeders Act (CDCBA) which establishes standards for humane handling, care, and housing of animals that are kept and raised by breeders. Texas had always operated their breeding businesses without supervision and that meant that some breeders took advantage of this and became puppy mills and puppy farms.

Now that there will be inspections and requirements, many facilities will have to clean up, change, and open their doors in September when the new law goes into effect to state inspectors. Any breeder who maintains more than 11 females and sells more than 20 animals a year will be subject to inspection. The new law requires that the enclosures be adequate size, have drainage and be clean, made of safe materials, and be ventilated.

As part of a growing concern about puppy mills, Best Friends Animal Society is hosting Independence Paw’rades in 4 cities around the U.S. to raise awareness. The events will allow you to bring your dog, march in the parade, and participate in some fun activities. You’ll also meet some local rescue and humane groups in your city.

The parade details are as follows:

New York City:
11am to 2pm
Starts at West 46th st and 12th ave
Ends at Pocket Pooches 749 9th Ave.
Adoptable pets and Yorkie 911 Rescue Group will be there

Salt Lake City
9am to 1pm
Starts at 600 E 1300S (near North Shelter in the center of Liberty Park)
Ends near 600 E 1300 S (1 mile loop around the park)
Salt Lake County Animal Services and the Humane Society of Utah will be there

Las Vegas
6pm to 9pm
Starts at 6605 Las Vegas Blvd (the Gazebo in Town Sq. Park)
Ends at the Gazebo
Abe Lincoln will be reading the “pro-claw-mation” and lead the Paw’rade. Las Vegas Independent rescuers will be there.

Los Angeles
10am to 2pm
Starts at Chase Bank located at 12501 Ventura Blvd
Ends at Maxwell Dog 12336 Ventura Blvd
There will be a contest for the best dressed dog and human. The prize is a gift certificate to Maxwell Dog.

Photo courtesy of Best Friends Animal Society

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