Pure Water for You and Your Pets!

We came across this interesting product the other day that’s great for people and pets. I always worry about our dogs drinking from dirty water. I look in their water bowls and see specs of stuff in the water that was either their left-over breakfast or the remains of something from outside that I really don’t want to know about. Yeah, I know, they’re outside drinking from puddles of muddy water—but not in MY house.  I have one of those little filters that attaches to my faucet and I usually refill their bowls with this. But it costs me a lot to keep them in filters.

So here’s this machine that filters water from the atmosphere, and the pups and I can share clean, cool water without lifting those giant bottle. It’s called the “Dewpoint Atmospheric Water Generator” (www.atmosphericwatertechnologies.com) that can extract 100% pure drinking water from the air. I don’t have to use my own water (I have a well, and always worry that it’s going to go dry). But this is especially useful if you pay for your water through your local municipality. And of course, you’ll go broke buying bottled water. This machine, that looks like a regular water cooler (it also heats the water), somehow actually extracts the water from the atmosphere right in your house, and will make about 8 gallons a day.  No bottles, no tubes, no faucet connections. It actually makes rain right inside the machine.

There is an endless series of filters (10) for the AWG that assures you of the purest water possible, with no pesticides, pharmaceuticals, metals, bacteria, etc.—the things we drink all the time without even realizing it.

If you’re also interested in living Green, this will lower your carbon footprint, there’s less plastic waste, and in the long run, you’ve lowered your cost per gallon. You’ll have more money left over for doggie treats. Guess who’ll appreciate that?

As we all know, if our pets our happy, we’re happy. So it’s on my list of future acquisitions (I took the Ferrari off my list a long time ago, as well as the pied a terre in Paris).

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