Raw Veggie Snacks

Let’s face it, we don’t eat enough vegetables… well, maybe some of us do… but I bet given choice, many of us would choose the BLT (heavy on the B) over a veggie tray of carrots and celery with ranch dip. I bet many of us also feed our dogs better than ourselves.

Well, it may be time for you and your dog to start sharing snacks to keep you motivated to eat better and also to make sure your dog is healthy. Raw vegetables make great snacks for dogs and are cheaper than buying a box of little biscuits.

Remember: Before serving vegetables rinse them well and cut them up.

4 Veggie Snacks For Your Dog

Beets – full of vitamins and minerals and can be grated and sprinkled on top of your dog’s food or cut up and dried for snacks. Don’t worry if your dog’s urine has a pink tint to it.

Bell Peppers – Peppers are high in vitamin A, C, B6, and Potassium. Before serving, remove the seeds and insides. Cut them into small slices or little squares before serving them to your pup.

Sweet Potatoes – Great snack packed with vitamin A, Potassium, and B6. Cut them up, dice them and serve them raw or roast them on a cookie sheet in the oven and make fries or chips. You and your dog will def like these!

Zucchini – A year round veggie that has folate and can be grated and sprinkled on top of dog food, peeled and cut into bite sized treats, or roasted with sweet potatoes to make great training treats.

Now, go! Eat your veggies with your dog.

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