Recycle Household Items As Cat Toys

Sometimes the best mental and physical stimulation we can give our kitties is not a new catnip toy or a laser pen for them to chase. Sometimes it can be something as simple as a crumpled piece of paper. Some of the products available for cats are simply fancier looking boxes or pretty colored pieces of cotton sewn and stuffed with catnip. If you’re looking for a way to be more environmentally friendly and recycle items in the house consider the following items and if you want, paint them or decorate them to give them a little pizzaz.

1: Paper bags with the handles removed left open on the floor. Your cat will inspect it, crawl in, and look out. She may even begin darting in and out of the bag and moving it around the house. We don’t know why they love it, but they do.

2: An old sock with some catnip tied closed.

3: Cardboard box with a ping pong ball inside or turned upside down with an opening cut into it to make it a fort. You can also turn it into a cat scratcher if you are crafty.

4: Crumpled paper or old aluminum foil to make a kinkle ball for your cat to bat around the house.

5: Tissue paper that you can toss into the bag or box. Let them shred it, sleep on it, and play with it. It’s better than shredding your bureau or chair legs.

6: Wine cork or milk ring that your cat can chase and bat around. These are great because on tiled and hardwood floors they don’t make much noise so you won’t be woken up in the middle of the night when it’s playtime for Mittens.

7: A Chopstick can be a fun toy for a cat to catch. You can play with your cat by moving it around on the floor and letting your cat bite it, catch it, and hunt it. If the wood starts to fray, throw it out.

8: Toilet paper tube that is bent on the ends to close it off and some treats stuffed inside. This will give your cat a challenge and task.

Remember if your cat seems to be swallowing or gets easily tangled in things, supervise her and take away any dangerous strings, ribbons, and plastics. Every cat has a personal preference so you may have to try a few things before you find “the one!” Also, toys get old to a cat so try to swap them out every week or so to keep it new and interesting.

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One thought on “Recycle Household Items As Cat Toys

  1. Our cat LOVES to play with one strand of uncooked pasta! He hears the box and comes running!
    However, AFTER the pasta is cooked, I take a few pieces of it and let it cool (don’t rinse it first) and it will stick together in a glue like wad. When he paws at it, it sticks a little bit and he has to shake it off, at which point it either sticks to the floor or the side of an appliance. He seems to act like he thinks it’s alive!
    This spaghetti game is good for at least an hour!
    He also likes the bendy plastic drinking straws; and will fetch a wrapped peppermint candy (the latter requires supervision) I have to say this for him, he’s a cheap date!