Removing Pet Hair from Furniture

Purrs, tail wags, head butts, and cuddles. These are the things we love about our furry pets. They greet us when we come home from a long day at work and they snuggle up next to us when we watch tv. As with everything, there’s a balance or a trade-off. The trade-off with our cats and dogs is fur left on every surface in our house (unless you have a hairless cat or dog). As much as all accept this as a part of life, it doesn’t means we want fur stuck to our clothing, clogging our washing machines, or grossing out our guests. So what’s the best way to keep our homes under control?

Vacuuming definitely does a great job of removing fur from carpets and other upholstered surfaces and if you have one that has several different types of attachments you can usually keep everything under control. However, some types of hair such as the short straight fur of a lab or the thin fine hair of a long-haired cat may not be as easy to vacuum if your chairs or couches have a looser woven pattern. Some fur sometimes gets stuck between the weaves and that’s when you need to pull out your next weapon: the lint roller.

Lint rollers are cheap, don’t harm fabrics, and lifts the fur that’s on the surface of your upholstery. It works well and can be used on anything. The downfall is that it is not reusable and you may go through a lint roller very quickly. If you pull the lint roller so that it isn’t rolling and use it the other direction, as if you’re wiping the surface, you can remove some of the fur that has become one with your pillows and couch.

Pledge also makes a Fabric Sweeper which has received positive reviews and is inexpensive. It’s a handheld device that can be used on your bed, chairs, curtains, and anything that is made of fabric. By sliding the sweeper side to side, you end up picking up fur and trapping it in the fabric sweeper. It also has a scented sweeper so you can clean your house and have a fresh scent left on your upholstery.

Some pet stores sell rubber brushes that can be used to comb your furniture. They grab and pull the fur out but can pull the fabric as well, so it is best used on tough fabrics.

Dusting your hard surface with a used dryer sheet can help break the static electricity that attracts dust and loose fur to your tv, cable box, and PS3. This means, less dusting, and less chance of fur and dust harming your electronics.

If you want to attack the problem at the source, remember to brush your dog and cat on a regular basis to collect and remove loose fur. It’ll help cut down on the fur-based tumbleweeds that may blow around on your hardwood floors. Regular grooming will definitely keep the problem at bay along with using any or all of the tools listed above.


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