Rottweiler Clubs in the United States and Canada

Rottweilers are a medium to large breed of dog. They originated in Rottweil, Germany, and were meant to be butcher dogs who would herd livestock and pull carts full of meat to markets. They mostly go under the same black and tan color scheme, and have short, hard and thick coats.

The United States and Canada both have national clubs regarding this dog breed, and there are also many different regional clubs around the US devoted to Rottweilers. Many of them are involved in member meetings, specialty shows, matches, trials, special activities, clinics, educational events, rescue resourcing and breeder referral.

American Rottweiler Club

The American Rottweiler Club is a national club affiliated with American Kennel Club, and they have been around since 1973.  This club is around to provide education to the public on responsible Rottweiler ownership, as well as to preserveand protect the quality of the breed. They are active throughout the year with events like Canine Oktoberfest in the fall, as well as independent and national specialty shows. People who want to become members of this club should read their membership page.

The Rottweiler Club of Alaska

This northern club is involved in member meetings and specialty and sweepstakes shows. Their website has the membership application forms.

Dogwood Rottweiler Club of Metropolitan Atlanta Georgia

This Rottweiler club holds monthly meetings, as well as independent specialties, carting tests, matches, seminars and other activities. They can also do breeder referral, and know of some rescue resources. People who want to join do not have to live in the area or even own one of these dogs; the rules are listed on their club information page.

Greater Rochester Rottweiler Club

This upstate New York club is a small group of people who are involved in a wide array of Rottweiler activities, such as agility, conformation, pet assisted therapy, Schutzhund, obedience, search and rescue. They organize events like an annual regional specialty, a summer picnic, show-n-go and a holiday party. There are several different types of membership for the Greater Rochester Rottweiler Club.

Medallion Rottweiler Club

The Medallion Rottweiler Club has been around for over 50 years, in the state of Illinois. They hold regional specialty shows, as well as other activities like matches, obedience clinics, breed seminars, tracking tests, Canine Good Citizenship testing, Therapy Dog International and judges’ symposiums. Their website also lists breeders and litters, and they accept new applicants to try and join.

Associated Rottweiler Fanciers of Northern California

The ARF of Northern California holds member meetings, and events with clinics, temperament tests, specialty shows and sweepstakes. They are also linked to some rescue and breeder referral services. This club even publishes some newsletters. People who want to join this Northern California club must email them to request an invitation.

Emerald Valley Rottweiler Club of Greater Cleveland

This Ohio club is involved with things like networking Rottweiler rescue, holding member meetings and conducting herding trials, sanctioned specialty shows and matches. The website has information on how to join.

Golden State Rottweiler Club

This club is the biggest Rottweiler club in California, and its members consist of Rottweiler breeders, owners and fanciers. They hold meetings throughout the year, along with dog shows and trials. Their website offers links to Rottweiler rescue, along with a breeder directory and a membership application.

Southwestern Rottweiler Club of San Diego

This Southern California club is very active, and its members participate in things like agility trials, tracking dog tests, meetings, picnics, clinics and specialty shows. They also list dogs that are available for adoption.

Western Rottweiler Owners

Western Rottweiler Owners is based out of the Bay Area in California. They publish newsletters and are sometimes involved in dog shows.

Mile High Rottweiler Club

The Mile High Rottweiler Club is based out of Greater Denver in Colorado. They are involved in a number of events and activities, such as meetings, fun matches, national shows, herding trials and more. They list a rescue group, and allow people to download applications off their website.

Colonial Rottweiler Club

The Colonial Rottweiler Club was the first Rottweiler club established in the country, dating back to 1956. They have members in New Jersey, as well as all around the country. This Colonial club holds events like specialty shows, herding instinct tests, match shows and other supported shows. Click here for information on joining this club.

Gulfstream Rottweiler Club of Greater Miami

This Florida club accepts new members to apply from any state, and their members attend club meetings, matches, all breed shows, specialty shows, Canine Oktoberfest and training activities.

Rottweiler Club of Canada

The Rottweiler Club of Canada is involved in national specialties, and also lists events, seminars, classes and shows for the different regions around the country. They have a breeder directory for different parts of Canada, and also list Rottweiler litters.


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