Shopping for Your Pet? Love a Homeless Pet Too!

This year as we rush to the stores or shop online for our friends and family, why not also give a little to the furry friends in shelters who have yet to find their forever homes?

PetSmart is once again giving a percentage of its sales to helping homeless pets through its PetSmart Charities program. The Luv-A-Pet collection that they sell now has a plush cat named Lucky, along with a plush dog named Chance, and 10% of each purchased toy will go helping save a pet without a home.

In addition to these two stuffed animals, PetSmart also has the Martha Stewart line of animal apparel and bedding, Fisher Price’s new dog toys like the Xylobone and Chatter Pup Telebone, and the classic Kong toys. PetSmart is one of the many pet chain stores that many of us shop for our pet supplies. They are one of the largest retailers of pet supplies and their counterpart, PetSmart Charities is a non-profit organization that provides over $10 million dollars in grants and programs towards animal welfare annually.

PetSmart Charities works with many animal welfare organizations to help homeless animals, raise awareness, and provide assistance to saving lives such as spay and neuter outreach and education programs. So far PetSmart has helped find new homes for over 4 million pets through its in-store adoptions and outreach programs.

As much as we may love to shop at our locally owned pet store, if you’re out in a shopping center or mall and happen to pass by PetSmart, why not stop in and pick up Lucky or Chance for your furry family friend? It’ll be a fun toy for your pet and help a homeless pet this holiday season.


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