Spying on Your Pet

Ever wonder where you outdoor cat wanders off to or what your dog is doing when you’re not watching? You could follow them all over the yard and neighborhood which may get you some strange looks from your neighbors or you could attach a camera to their collars and see what the world looks like from their point of view.

There are a few cameras out there such as the Pet’s Eye View Digital Camera which allows you to set a timer of 1 to 15 minutes for taking pictures. You can upload these from the camera to your PC or Mac and see where your animal companion has gone. It takes small images measuring 640 x 480 pixels and can hold 40 images. The rechargeable battery lasts 2 hours and the whole device weighs 5 oz. This camera is great for a medium to large dog to wear but might be too cumbersome for a cat.

For your feline friends you might want to try The Cat Cam. This device weighs about 2.5 oz and takes pictures that are 1280 x 1024 in size. It also has an adjustable timer and can take some short video clips. Because of the increased size of the images and 2gb of storage, it can only hold up to 25 images at a time.

Another camera, called Wonderful Shot can hold up to 90 images and has a 3.5 megapixel camera. It can also be set to intervals of 1, 5, 10, and 60 minute intervals. This camera has a rechargeable battery and comes with a remote control which you can use to manually “snap” a pic while your dog or cat is out and about.

Unfortunately, none of these cameras are as tiny and cool looking as you’d see in a James Bond movie but they can offer you some insight as to what your pet is up to when you let them explore the world around them.

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