Stop Your Cat From Scratching Furniture

My cat is pretty good about using his scratching post but lately he’s taken a liking to the mesh weave of my office chair. It’s fairly new so the last thing I need is my chair to become nothing but a string of threads. I’ve yelled “No!” sharply and clapped my hands to startle him and so far that’s been working but he’s determined and I’m not always home. If your cat also has taken a liking to scratching things s/he shouldn’t, try the three D’s.

The Three D’s: Deter, Displace, and Dull

  1. Deter – use double sided tape which can be picked up at any hardware store. Pet stores also sell a less sticky version with names like “sticky paws.” Place the tape on objects that your cat is scratching. Cats tend to hate the feeling of their feet getting “stuck.” Also, if you have a water gun, a small squirt may also deter your cat. However, use a small pistol not the super soaker.
  2. Displace – if your cat doesn’t have a scratching post or maybe it’s worn out – buy a new one. If the location doesn’t seem to appeal to your cat, move it. Provide different types to see which your cat prefers. Some cats love the carpeted type while other prefer cardboard. Also, if your cat prefers scratching wood furniture, consider buying a cat post made of cedar or pine. Place on catnip on the posts to entice your cat too.
  3. Dull – trim your cat’s nail as part of a regular grooming routine. Keep treats handy as most cats squirm and don’t like this. It can take time to get your cat used to nail trimming so go slow and don’t be discouraged if you only get to trim one claw or one paw at a time. Reward your cat for being a good sport with treats. Another idea is to try the soft claw nail caps that glue on to the nails and typically last about month. These take the edge off the scratching and prevent cuts and gashes into furniture and you.

What else do you do? Let us know!

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