6 Amazing Aquariums For Your Home

Having pets means sometimes your house isn’t as nice as you’d like it to be, from trampling footprints to items that are necessary to keep your pets happy, the decor can take a “hit.” Aquariums are beautiful with the scenery and fish you have in it but many of them are pretty plain on the outside. The standard rectangle or bowl shape with a light or black plastic top are standard for aquariums but it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are some amazing designs out there for those of us who want style and functionality for our fish.

Here are 6 great aquariums

Wall Mount Fish Bowl

This bowl measures about 10 inches in diameter and screws into the wall with an opening at the top to feed and clean the tank. It holds about a gallon of water and can accent a plain wall in any house.

Bubble tank

It’s often the fish that are the focal point of an aquarium but with this cool fish bowl, your friends will be sure to turn their heads. Place this tank on your end table, desk, or anywhere that it can sit on the edge. The tank is handblown glass and looks amazing anywhere!

Molten Sculptural Bowl

This fish bowl has a base made from the gnarled root of a garnal tree. The glass is handblown and sits perfectly in the roots. It gives an earthy feeling and can compliment your room and because of the uniqueness of the roots, each piece will be different.

Modern Cactus Fishbowl

This very minimal designed fishbowl is great for showing off plants and your fish. It’s a modern design that holds about a liter of water and is stylish while being practical.

End Table Aquarium

Practical and beautiful are two words to describe this aquarium where your fish can swim happily and you have some surface space. It rests on a black acrylic pedestal and holds 15 gallons.

Labyrinth Aquairum

Want your fish to be the centerpiece in your room? Then this aquarium is the one for you. It’s made of several bowls with glass tubes that allow you to have separate worlds and designs in each section. Your fish can swim from section to section. Your fish might have a fancier home than you!

Pet Stores Around Salinas, California

Lots of great chain and local pet stores are in business around Salinas, California. Shoppers have several options to buy premium cat and dog food, aquarium supplies or pet travel accessories. There is also a dog boarding ranch!

Pet Fun at Harden Ranch Plaza

Pet Fun is a big discount pet store that has had over 30 years of experience. They claim to have the biggest selection of pet food and products in Salinas. This store carries aquariums and fish supplies, as well as products for birds, small animals, reptiles, amphibians, cats and dogs. They also sell books and gifts for pet owners.

Highway 68 Pets

Highway 68 Pets a local, family-owned store that provides wholesome food for cats and dogs. They cater to pets’ diets that are raw, grain-free and natural. This store also sells healthy treats, supplements, bathing products and toys.

Happy Dog Food

Happy Dog Food is a store that sells premium dog foods without any artificial preservatives, flavors, filler or coloring. Their foods are natural, have lots of enzymes and are fully digestible.

Oceans Above

Oceans Above is full of assorted fish, aquariums, fish tanks and aquarium systems. They can assist their customers with their freshwater and saltwater tanks. Some things this store carries include rocks, sand, decorations, filters, conditioners, medications, gravel and protein skimmers.

Dogwood Ranch Pet Resort

The Dogwood Ranch Pet Resort is a dog hotel and recreation centerĀ  situated located on almost three acres. This resort features a wide-open private dog park, community play areas and comfy overnight rooms. They have a separate area for smaller dogs, and can also board cats. Dogs can also be groomed by professional groomers before they are picked up by their owners.

Posh Pets

Located in Pacific Grove, California, Posh Pets is full of natural pet foods and treats, plush pet beds, fancy collars, stylish leashes and toys for cats, dogs and rabbits. They also sell gifts for animals and people. This store is also involved in activities like vaccination clinics and adoption events.

Diggity Dog

Diggity Dog is a boutique for cats and dogs in Carmel, California. They carry items like pet clothing, beds, bones, bowls, baked goods and toys. They also sell travel accessories like pet carriers and different car seats.

Pet Food Express

Pet Food Express is a chain store that has a location in Carmel. They sell lots of different pet foods and accessories, and also network for pet adoptions.

Pet Stores Around Providence, Rhode Island

There are lots of great local pet stores in and around the city of Providence, Rhode Island. Shoppers can easily buy holistic pet food, aquarium supplies or pet pastries!

Rhode Island Aquarium & Pet Center

This store has a variety of freshwater, tropical and gold fish available, and they specialize in rare and exotic species. They also sell some small animals and exotic reptiles. There is also a variety of products at this store, such as protein skimmers, aquarium systems, filters, ornaments, as well as holistic dog and cat foods. In terms of services, they offer free water testing and demos on fish tank maintenance, as well as diagnostics on fish diseases.

Plaid & Stripe

This pet store is centered around cats and dogs. They have a huge supply of collars and leashes with all sorts of unique and fashionable designs. They also sell canine grooming supplies, containers, toys and treats. For cats, they sell specialty bowls and other containers. Well behaved dogs are welcome inside for complimentary water and treats. There are also some gifts for human pet lovers, like apparel, books, art and cards.

Dogs in Harmony

Dogs in Harmony is mainly a bakery for dogs that carries its own line of pet pastries and organic dog treats. There are also many eco-friendly dog products and food, spa supplies, dog apparel, glassware and toys. They also have a “cat corner,” as well as food and supplements for rabbits.

Pure Paradise Pets

This pet store is located in Johnston, Rhode Island, and is a full line pet store that has some interesting features.

The store has large animals living there, such as an alligator, an anaconda and a giant tortoise! There are also some normal pets in the reptile room, like boas, corn snakes and pythons, as well as some spiders and scorpions. There are some exotic birds, like macaws and amazons, also on display and sale. The fish room has a very well-stocked supply of freshwater fish. There are even some small animals for sale.

National Pet Center

This pet store is located in Cranston, Rhode Island, and is family owned and operated. They sell a variety of animals, including domestic kittens, purebred kittens, reptiles, amphibians, freshwater fish, gerbils, hamsters, mice, rats, chinchillas, ferrets and more. They also sell products like organic food and fish supplies. They also offer a few animal services, such as nail trimming, wing clipping and some low-cost health clinics (just check when they are holding these services).

Pet Stores Around Hartford, Connecticut

If you are headed in the direction of Hartford, Connecticut, there are many places to buy pets or stock up on pet supplies. The stores carry anything from healthy pet foods to hand-crafted human products. Others offer services like grooming, obedience and aquarium set-up.


Exotic Fin and Feather

This pet store is a very stocked place to shop. It carries one of the largest selections of tropical fish in Connecticut, from all over the world in every ocean. They have corals for sale as well. Apart from the water creatures, they also have a fine selection of hand-fed baby birds, such as parrots, finches, canaries, cockatiels and parakeets. There are even small animals and reptiles for sale. They sell different aquariums, and offer installation services. For cats and dogs, they carry flea and tick products.

Hartford Pet & Feed Store

This pet store has been open for over 25 years. They carry aquarium supplies, food by the pound, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, tropical fish, turtles, tortoises, rats, mice and more.

Reigning Cats and Dogs

This store is located in West Hartford, Connecticut, and is a very cute shop where pets are welcome. They have a selection of pet products, natural health foods, books, and custom made pet-themed crafts for humans like mugs and key chains. They have gifts for every breed and size of dog, such as collars, leashes, clothes, beds and bowls.

West Hartford Puppy Center and Aquarium

This store in West Hartford was created in 1966, and it focuses on livestock, especially puppies. They also sell some kittens, birds, corals, invertebrates, saltwater fish, freshwater fish, small animals and reptiles. They also have a wide variety of pet supplies for sale, for dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, fish and small animals.



PetSpa is a place that offers assorted services, such as grooming, bathing, styling, obedience training, cat supplies, dog supplies and other gifts. Their store specializes in natural foods, treats, supplements and remedies. They are located in Newington, Connecticut.

Simon Sez Pets

This store is located in Newington, Connecticut, and calls itself “The biggest little pet shop in Newington.” It carries assorted supplies for cats, dogs, birds, fish, hamsters, reptiles and exotic pets. They also have a selection of healthy pet foods that are free of corn, wheat, preservatives and artificial ingredients. There are also some gifts for animal lovers, like cards, jewelery and toys.

Advice for Traveling with Your Fish

Traveling or moving with your fish can be a bit complicated, but can go well if you do everything correctly.

The first thing you should do is remove your fish from an aquarium if it exceeds five gallons. You should then place your fish in a break-proof container. You can take smaller aquariums with you while you are traveling, but you must be careful that they do not break. Otherwise, it is very risky to take large aquariums in your car.

One option of containing your fish is a strong plastic bag, or a small bucket if you poke air holes into the lid. You should fill it one third of the way with its original aquarium water. If you put your fish in a strong plastic bag, you should then put an additional plastic bag around it so that the water does not leak out. You should secure them both with a rubber band.

If you have a lot of fish, you should bring multiple plastic bags so they do not become too crowded. Bring some back up bags with you on the trip, in case the bag gets a leak. You should also bring a back up water bottle in case this happens.


You can place the fish bags into a styrofoam container, like a cooler. If you bring your fish in the bucket, then you should make sure it is secure in the car so it does not fall over. You should also buy some liquid healing agent from a pet store (one that sells fish), and put it into the water during your trip. Follow the directions on its container.

You should open up the bag or bucket once every four to six hours for fresh air.

For your trip, you should try to bring a good deal of water from the usual fish aquarium. You should try not to experiment with new water too much at first, because water has different materials in it everywhere you go, and you do not want to harm your fish. When you reach your destination, you should put your fish back into its aquarium as soon as you can. You should buy some neutralizer agent from a pet store, in case you need to fill up its tank with tap water, and neutralize it. Over time, you should add more and more of the new tap water to your fish tank, so it can gradually get accustomed to it.

Pet Stores in the Buffalo, New York Region


There are many great locally owned pet stores around Buffalo, New York. If you’re going on a vacation in Niagara Falls, make sure to stop by Buffalo to do some pet shopping. There is anything from puppy pizza to corals for sale.

Animal Outfitters, Inc

Buffalo, New York

This store has recently started delivering puppy pizza. You can choose from the flavors: pepporoni puppy, cheese puppy and bacon puppy. They mainly specialize in holistic food and treats for cats and dogs. They also sell a variety of toys, collars, leashes, coats, sweaters, bath and body products, aromatherapy products, litter, outdoor gear, and even gift items for pet lovers. They occasionally hold events for pets and pet owners.

CrooZoo Zoological Educational Services

Buffalo, New York

This is not a typical pet store, but rather a place that does educational presentations on wildlife. They have birds, mammals and reptiles from all over the world, such as armadillos, bullfrogs, foxes and pythons. It is a great resource for camps, nature centers, libraries, civic functions, fairs, festivals and more.

Niagara Aquarium Co Inc

Buffalo, New York

This is a locally owned aquarium store, that was one of the first pet stores in the Buffalo area. They have a large selection of fish, reptiles and some other animals.

Steve’s Wonderful World of Pets

Williamsville, New York

This store sells a bunch of breeds of puppies, all sizes. They also sell a selection of kittens, reptiles, exotic birds and small animals. Steve opened the store in 1991, and he still runs the store, with assistance from his wife, who is a licensed vet tech.

Markheim Tropical Fish and Pet Store Inc.

Amherst, New York

This pet store carries reptiles, birds, fish and exotic pets, as well as supplies and food. Click here to view a list of the types of strange pets they sell, which range from chameleons to arachnids to seahorses to chinchillas to sugar gliders. Their hand fed, locally bred baby birds arrive weekly.

Treats Unleashed

Amherst, New York

This gourmet pet bakery and boutique specializes in healthy and appetizing treats. They also provide an array of supplements and wellness products to feed your pet so it stays healthy. They sell many different types of collars as well, for dogs of all sizes.

A Reef Creation

Cheektowaga, New York

This store is a full line saltwater shop. They carry a supply of corals, fish, inverts and livestock.

Pet Stores in Sacramento, California

Sacramento, California, has a few good locations to go shopping for your pet. There are a couple of great aquarium specialist shops, a bird shop, as well as some general practical stores for pets in general.

Capitol Aquarium

This store names itself “Sacramento’s premiere tropical fish emporium.” It has over 9,000 square feet, and is open all week from 10:00 AM-6:00 PM. They offer a selection of fish, aquariums, food and accessories. They have over 50 saltwater tanks on display, as well as over 20 tanks of live aquatic plants.

Western Feed and Supply

This store has a few locations around California. They offer a selection of food for dogs and cats, treats, chews, beauty products, toys, leashes, collars, supplements, litter, bird seed, beds, and products for small animals and large animals (goats, cows, ducks etc). Click here to view their specials.


The Bird Shop

This store carries birds from Amazons to Zebras, as well as ninety different types of bird seed and seven different pelleted diets brands. They have a huge toy selection of over 1,500 items, as well as different types of playpens. They also have gifts for bird-loving humans, such as T shirts, mugs and other accessories. They have a baby bird nursery where they raise some of the birds that they will later sell. They have two birds that live in the store, Trouble and Sunshine.

Exotic Aquarium

This store is open 7 days a week, and it has been retailing Sacramento ever since 1966. They work with a range of wholesalers and have both a saltwater and freshwater selection. They also carry over 2000 different aquarium related products. They offer custom made tanks, stands and canopies. They offer a range of supplies like filters, pumps, lightings, pond supplies, skimmers, chillers and calcium reactors. It’s a good place to either start out or improve your aquarium.

Pet Haven

This store has products for all types of pets, such as cats, dogs, birds, reptiles and fish. You can also call up their staff for pet advice.

Pet’s Paradise

This store offers supplies and food for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and other pets. They also do grooming for cats and dogs.

Pet Extreme

This chain pet store has several locations around California. They offer supplies and food for cats, dogs, birds, reptiles and small animals. The Sacramento location also offers dog wash services, as well as services for teachers. This location also will offer low-cost vaccine clinics on Sundays 3:30-5:00 PM starting January 3rd.

Pet Stores in Detroit, Michigan

Headed to the Motor City? There are a few pet stores in Detroit, Michigan, you should check out during your visit. They cater to animals of all kinds, not just dogs and cats. Maybe pick up a pet sweater at one of these stores, for the cold Midwestern winter season!

Detroit K-9 Pet Supplies

This store has three locations in Detroit: one on Michigan Avenue, one on Livernois Avenue and one in East Warren. They are dog experts that can give you advice at which types of dogs are appropriate for your lifestyle. They also offer pet supplies, pet food, accessories, body parts, treats, houses, cages, crates, straw, bedding, small animal toys and much more.

The Barkery

The Barkery is located in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. They are canine and feline food specialists, who offer all natural food, raw food, organic food and products for holistic diets. They also offer flea treatments for cats and dogs, as well as apparel, accessories, grooming, pet memorials, collars, harnesses, leashes, treats and more. They also offer some pet travel accessories.

Exotic Aquarium

This aquarium store has been open since 1951. They have a large selection of Freshwater Tropical Fish and over 140 tanks. They also offer an elaborate selection of tank set-ups, decorations, filters, fish foods, medications and other useful products.

Pet Supplies Plus

This is a chain store that has a location in Detroit on Livernois. They offer assorted brands of pet foods, as well as aquarium products, reptile products, bird products, cat products, dog products, small bird products and wild bird products.

D & D Pet Center

This pet store offers a cat and dog grooming center, fish, hamsters, lizards and premium pet foods.


Lou’s Pet Shop

This store is located in Grosse Point Woods, Michigan. They offer great dog products, like training gear, raw diets, organic food and treats, interactive problem solving toys and training gear. They also offer unique cat toys and healthy treats. They breed different types of hamsters, like syrian teddy and smooth hair. They also offer products for small animals, fish, spiders, reptiles and birds.

Pointe Pets Supply Limited

This store is located in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. It is owned by a woman and her husband owns a barber shop next door, so it has a local feel. It offers pet food, pet products and specialty pet food, along with pet clothes and unique pet toys. Many regulars shop here.

Pet Stores in Dallas, Texas


Dallas, Texas, has many fine locally-owned pet shops. Many are dedicated to particular pets, or to all sorts of pets. In any case, there’s a good deal of selection of establishments, that you’ll probably find what you need without a problem.

Pet Supplies Plus

This shop is known for supplying both pet supplies and knowledge about owning different pets. They hire people who know and have pets. Because they believe in nutrition, they also have a relationship with an animal clinical nutrionist at Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. They carry normal brands of pet food, along with organic brands. They have smaller stores that are easier to shop around in.

Boutique Pet Shop and Aquarium

This store has been open since 1968, in the same location, with its original owners. They hold over 10,000 gallons of live fish, and they offer free in-store water testing and consultation. They even have their own koi pond in the store, so that’s fun to just observe! Other than fish, they also offer supplies for dogs, cats, small animals, reptiles and birds. They offer some stylish things for furry friends in velvet or jeweled. They also do grooming! This is a great place if you have a lot of different pets you need to shop for.

Best Pet Shop and Dog Grooming

This is a family-owned business that has been open since 1978. They have many fish and supplies for freshwater and saltwater types, as well as aquarium supplies like air pumps, filters, power heads and wet/dry systems. They have a dog grooming department as well.

The Cat Connection

Cat person? Shopper? This is the store for you! They offer all sorts of cat products, like catnip, cat carriers, toys, treats, food, collars, cat litter, grooming supplies, furniture and more. They also have boarding and grooming departments.

Canine Commissary

This store has been open for 28 years, and is dedicated to providing nutrition for cats and dogs. They also have supplies for all sorts of cats and dogs. They have two locations in Dallas, and one in Plano, Texas.

Fish Gallery

This is a fancy store that offers lots of different types of aquariums. They also offer fish, plants, lighting, filtration, pumps and assorted fish foods. They even have captive and wild bred coral reefs.