6 Fall Pet Tips

Summer is over. The days are getting shorter and pretty soon the air conditioner will need to go back into the attic and the blankets will come back out. The change in weather also means there are changes to the environment that our pets are exposed to that can be dangerous to them. Help make sure your pup or kitty is safe by keeping the following 6 tips in mind.

Here Are 6 Things To Keep In Mind As Fall Approaches

  1. If you use any type of rodenticide to keep unwanted furry critters from taking up residence in your house, be aware that the poisons are also highly toxic to your pet. Place them in areas that are inaccessible to your pet. If possible, try to find and repair any areas of the house where mice and other unwanted guests may be using as their private entrance to your kitchen. Same goes for pesticides used outside to deter critters.
  2. School days are here and if you have kids in the house or are a teacher, you may have a number of items that your dog may find irresistible to chew on. Things like glue sticks, magic markers, and other supplies are low-toxic but can be harmful to a dog’s intestinal system. If your dog has a love for gnawing on things s/he shouldn’t, keep the school supplies out of reach.
  3. Fall is the perfect time to start a good exercise routine with your dog. Now that the days are cooler, you and your dog can spend some more time outdoors. If the summer months have been cruel now is the time to start taking those long walks and playing frisbee in the dog park again.
  4. Be careful of snakes. Fall is when some snakes begin their hibernation and may be particularly hostile towards anyone bugging them. Find out what snakes live in your area, if they’re venomous, and where they are likely to be found so you can keep your pets away from them.
  5. Many people begin winterizing their cars in the Fall. Be careful of the toxic chemicals such as coolants that you may have in your garage. If there are any spills, clean them up as best you can. Your four-legged friend could end up ingesting some if they step in it.
  6. Cooler weather means your pet may start burning up more energy as they zoom around. Monitor your dog or cat’s activities and see if they need a little extra noms to keep their weight in check.

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