Pet Stores in the East Bay Area, California

The East Bay in California consists of many different towns that have some great pet stores. These shops sell anything from holistic cat and dog foods to self-service pet washes to interesting fish, bird and reptile species.

Paws and Claws

Paws and Claws is a locally-owned Oakland store that carries lots of natural pet foods and other products. Their food section has a fine selection of raw frozen foods, organic foods, kibble and canned foods for cats and dogs. They also sell some natural products for pet rabbits. Some of the other things they sell include collars, leashes, litters, training tools, dog sweaters and other pet apparel.

Along with being a retail store, they are also a kennel-free grooming center with spa, teeth cleaning, shampooing, conditioning and other services. If you care to wash your own pet, they also have self-service bathtubs.

Red Hound Pets

Red Hound Pets is located in the Rockridge district of Oakland, and is a store that sells innovative items for cats and dogs, like carrying bags, scratching posts, and other toys and accessories. They also offer puppy training courses on occasion.

Albany Aquarium

Located in Albany, this store has been in the same location for over 35 years. They host a huge selection of healthy fish, such as Angel Fish, Barbs, Loaches, Petras, Danios, Corydoras and Rainbow Fish. They sell other critters like shrimp, frogs and snails. There are also aquatic plants in this store to compliment the fish tanks.

Dog Bone Alley

Dog Bone Alley is a store for cats, dogs and their owners in Alameda. They sell high-quality pet products, like name-brand holistic foods, treats, toys and gifts for people.

East Bay Vivarium

The East Bay Vivarium is a huge reptile store in Berkeley. They have a wide selection of live turtles, frogs, snakes, lizards, tarantulas and other animals. The Vivarium also sells tanks, feed and supplies for all of their respective creatures.

Your Basic Bird

Your Basic Bird is a Berkeley store that sells several avian species, like Conures, African Grays, Macaws, Amazons and Lovebirds. They also carry a variety of organic pellets, bird treats, branches, swings, ropes, toys, cages and seed. Their staff can even provide boarding for birds, and grooming for birds, rabbits and guinea pigs.

Dog-Friendly Parks and Beaches in Santa Cruz, California


Santa Cruz, California, is a great place to escape for nice weather and beautiful beaches. There are a few dog-friendly beaches and off-leash parks in Santa Cruz, just make sure you pay attention to the rules and what hours your dog is allowed on the sites.

Off-Leash Dog Parks

University Terrace Dog Run

Dogs are allowed in this park from sunrise to sunset, but they must be on leash from 10:00 AM-4:00 PM. It is not fenced, so be careful about your dog running off; there is a large dirt area for dogs to run around.

Scotts Valley Dog Park
Scotts Valley Dog Park

Scotts Valley Dog Park

This dog park is located in Scotts Valley, California, in the Skypark complex, close to soccer fields. It takes up 1.2 acres, which are enclosed and divided into two sections for large and small dogs. It also features water bowls, tennis balls, dog toys, shaded areas, drinking fountains, waste bags and wading pools.

Polo Grounds Dog Park

This off-leash dog park is located in Aptos, California, and is one acre in size and fenced. It is open during sunrise to sunset, and has water and benches.


Its Beach
Its Beach

Its Beach

Its Beach is located on West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz, north of the lighthouse. It is a smaller beach where your dog can walk into the water and play in the sand. Dogs must be leashed, and cannot go on the beach from 10:00 AM-4:00 PM.

Mitchell's Cove Beach
Mitchell's Cove Beach

Mitchell’s Cove Beach

Dogs are allowed at Mitchell’s Cove Beach from 10:00 AM-4:00 PM on leash, and off leash during other open hours. This beach is located on West Cliff Drive, between Almar and Woodrow. It is the only off-leash dog beach in Santa Cruz. It is a beautiful beach full of rocks and cliffs, but it is not fenced, so be careful.


Seabright Beach

Seabright Beach is located on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, north of Santa Cruz Harbor. Dogs are allowed to go here on leash, and it is open sunrise to sunset. They have fire rings available for bonfires.


Twin Lakes State Beach

This is the warmest beach in the area, and dogs are allowed here on leash. It is located just south of the Santa Cruz Harbor. They have fire rings for bonfires, as well as outdoor showers and restrooms. People also come to this park for swimming, picnicking and bird watching.