6 Tips For Safe Bird Travel

Before you hit the road for that awesome vacation, remember that not everyone in the house can just jump in the car and go like you. Your pets, especially your bird, need some extra TLC and security when traveling in a car. Here are 6 tips for a safe trip with your bird: Pack enough […]

10 Tips For Caring For Your Parakeet

Parakeets can make great pets. They don’t take up as much space as a cat or dog and often don’t require as much time or cost very much. They can live a long healthy life ranging from 10 to 14 years. If you have a parakeet or have been thinking of adopting one, here’s 10 […]

For the Birds: 7 Tips for a Bird-Safe Home

Birds are very sensitive when it comes to things they touch, breathe, and feel. Breathing in certain fumes that don’t often affect us or other pets like cats and dogs can seriously harm birds. Given that many birds are small that we keep as pets, it’s especially dangerous for them to breathe in cooking fumes, […]