Brittany Clubs of the United States II

Brittanys are popular dogs in practically every state of America, and lots of these regional organizations are involved in field trials, hunt tests, horse back tests, specialty shows and other competitions or fun events.

Greater Saint Louis Brittany Club

The Greater St Louis Brittany Club was founded in the late 1950’s, and is still active today with hunt tests, walking trials, horseback trials and club meetings that are held throughout the year.

Heart of Illinois Brittany Club

The Heart of Illinois Brittany Club puts on a few events throughout the year, including shows, walking trials and horse back trials. They also know of breeders around the state.

Iowa Brittany Club

The Iowa Brittany Club is very active with events throughout the year, such as field trials, specialty shows, hunt tests and tabling at festivals. There are meetings that occur twice a year. People who want to join this club should download a membership application.

LaSalle Brittany Club

The LaSalle Brittany Club is based out of Illinois. They strive to keep the Brittany in its highest standards, and keep these dogs active in fun trials, hunt tests, specialty shows and field trials. This club also lists a handful of breeders. There are membership applications available online.

Minnesota Brittany Club

This Minnesota club has been active since 1960, and is involved in specialty shows and field trials. When available, they also list puppies. People who want to become part of this club should read the procedure.

Missouri Brittany Club

This club has members in Missouri, as well as parts of Eastern Kansas. They have all sorts of events and activities, ranging from Dogtoberfests to Pheasant fun hunts, hunt tests, fund raisers, meetings and more. Their website also has a classifieds section that lists puppies and other local services, as well as instructions on how new members can join them.

St Croix Valley Brittany Club

The St Croix Valley Brittany Club is based out of Minnesota, and has been around since 1979. They hold meetings almost every month. In the Winter, they hold a hunt and an annual banquet; in the Spring, there is the fun run, field trial, walking field trial and hunt test. The Summer is time for training sessions, and there is a game fair in the Fall. This Midwest club also lists local Brittany breeders. Anyone interested can fill out an SCVBC Membership Application Request Form.

Central New Mexico Brittany Club

The Central New Mexico Brittany Club has been around since 1981. Some events they take part in include field trials, hunt tests, specialty shows, sporting dog fancier shows and weekend training sessions. There are different kinds of membership for this club, for individuals or their associate family members or partners.

Indian Nations Brittany Club

The Indian Nations Brittany Club is based out of Oklahoma, and they support the best-possible activity of Brittanys at dog shows, hunting tests, field trials, obedience trials and specialty shows. They hold occasional meetings, as well as parties, horse back competitions and waking trials. Their website also lists some breeders, and has an available membership application.

Southern Kansas Brittany Club

The Southern Kansas Brittany Club was established in 1957, and they host field trials, training seminars, fun matches, picnics and hunt tests. They also have the potential to put on obedience and agility trials, or bench shows.

California Brittany Club

The California Brittany Club sponsors field trials and huntings tests, as well as annual specialty shows. There is also an awards banquet each year. Their existing members welcome new people in California to apply to their club.

Greater Phoenix Brittany Club

This Arizona club is small, but is growing. They hold field trials once a season, as well as some occasional walking field trials and hunting tests. People in this area who want to join this club should read their page.

Montana Brittany Club

The Montana Brittany Club holds activities like field trials, Hungarian Partridge Challenges, hunt tests, rattlesnake avoidance clinics, dog training seminars and more. There are also member meetings, and they always welcome new people to apply.

Northern California Brittany Club

The Northern California Brittany Club was established in 1954, and offers a variety of events, such as club meetings, hunt tests, specialty shows, field trials, fun days and more. They also publish a newsletter to keep their members informed. Those who want to become part of this organization should read their membership section.

Oregon Brittany Club

This Oregon club has been active ever since 1953, being one of the oldest Brittany clubs on the West Coast. Throughout the year, the Oregon Brittany Club hosts two horseback field trials, two hunt day tests, a walking field trial, a specialty dog show and a fun day. Their website also lists breeders around the state of Oregon. They always welcome new members.

Brittany Clubs of the United States I

Brittanys are a breed of medium-sized gun dogs that originally came out of the Brittany province of France. They were originally bred to hunt birds. They are popular dogs that have athletic, compact and solid bodies, often with long legs. Brittanys are very energetic dogs that need a lot of space to run around.

Many different clubs exist throughout the United States devoted to the Brittany breed. A good deal of these individual clubs seek to retain the Brittany status as a “dual dog,” rather than soley a “field dog” or “show dog.”

American Brittany Club

The American Brittany Club is associated with the American Kennel Club, and it is devoted to promoting friendship and cooperation with Brittany breeders and owners. They encourage high standards for people to show, breed and train these dogs. They hold a National Specialty Show, National Championships and National Gun Dog Championships every Fall, along with a Summer Specialty Show. This club also publishes a monthly magazine.

Anthracite Brittany Club

The Anthracite Brittany Club is based out of Allentown, Pennsylvania. They hold many events, such as field trials, hunt tests, specialty shows and others. They also organize member meetings. People can print out a membership application off of their website.

Buckeye Brittany Club

The Buckeye Brittany Club is based out of Ohio, and has members around the Midwest. They promote dog events like Hunt Tests and Fall Field Trials. They also do breeder referral for those in the area looking for a Brittany. Their website has the information about becoming a member.

Central Maine Brittany Club

The Central Maine Brittany Club was incorporated in 1978. They are involved with many activities today, like field trials, specialty shows and member meetings. Sometimes they also publish newsletters. This club welcomes new people to apply.

Central New England Brittany Club

The CNEBC is the second oldest US Brittany club, and has been around for over 60 years. There are members from around Massachusetts and all over New England, and they offer two specialty shows, two hunt tests, a June Fun Day and a Member’s Day competition. The steps to join this club are listed online.

Hudson Valley Brittany Club

This upstate New York club holds national field trials as well as some shows and other activities. They welcome new people to apply for membership.

Mid-Florida Brittany Club

The Mid-Florida Brittany Club provides social and educational events for its members. They also list breeders around Florida and litters of Brittanys. Those who want to be part of this club can print out and send an application.

North Jersey Brittany Club

The North Jersey Brittany Club puts on a Fall Field Trial and Summer Specialty Show. Their website has membership applications for those in the area.

Northern New England Brittany Club

The Northern New England Brittany Club has been around since 1978, and is still very active today with dinners, meetings, specialty shows, field trials, club days, hunt tests and more. If you care to join, you should contact them.

Northern Virginia Brittany Club

The Northern Virginia Brittany Club was founded in 1973, and has members in a few different states. They put on a few activites thorughout the year, and welcome new people to fill out membership forms and apply.

Southern New England Brittany Club

This club is based out of Connecticut, Southern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and they host and support things like conformation events, hunt tests and field trials.

Bama Brittany Club

This Brittany club is based out of Alabama, and they occasionally hold AKC-sponsored field events.

Greater Indianapolis Brittany Club

This Indiana club is involved in many different Brittany-related activites, ranging from meetings, dinners, field trails, seminars, hunt tests, picnics and specialtys shows. Prospective members can download applications off of their website.

Michigan Brittany Club

The Michigan Brittany Club is active with field trials and other events, and can also provide breeder referrals. Michigan residents who want to become part of the club should read this.

Pennsylvania Brittany Club

The Pennsylvania Brittany Club does field trials, walking trials, training days and hunt tests; they also know of local breeders. Their membership page outlines the application process.

Badger Brittany Club

The Badger Brittany Club is based out of the state of Wisconsin, and they are involved in dog championships, meetings, field training events and horseback trials for pointer breeds. They also list breeders and litter information. New members are welcome to join.

Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club

The GMBC sponsors activities like hunt tests, obedience shows, field trials and conformation. This club holds activites all throughout the year, like training sessions, picnics, meetings, hunt tests and puppy events. When available, they list litters of puppies. This club welcomes individuals and families to become members.