7 Funny and Cute Pet Pics

Dogs and cats do some strange things. We’re lucky people have their cameras ready to catch them in the act of being cute, funny, and bizarre. If you need a little laugh check out these 7 funny and cute pics of pets doing their thing.

Mondays are like this

Hey gurrl, hey…

Nap time after chasing squirrels

Is it 5 o’clock yet? It’s been a hard day

Yeah, let’s watch… that… movie… zzzzz

What?! He likes it

I could use a push

Emergency Cat Situations

Having a cat means a lot of purrs, meows, and head butts but it can also mean being prepared for unfortunate and sometimes unforeseeable accidents. When traveling or just at home, your cat may find him/herself in some sticky situations and it’ll be up to you to give comfort, safety, and ease any pain until you get to a vet. If you’re lucky enough you’ll be able to get your cat to the vet immediately but if you are traveling, finding the emergency vet can be tricky and may be in another town or miles away. Until you can get there, there are some things you can do.

Emergency Situations and What to do

Skunk! – It happens. Your cat strolls outside into the yard and comes face to face with a skunk. The skunk freaks and sprays your cat. What do you do? First, make sure your cat has not been bitten or injured as skunks can carry rabies. Yes, your cat will smell horrible and you’ll be slightly grossed out to pick her up and bring her inside but you’ll have to or at least bring her into the garage.

Your cat will need a bath. You’ll need help and old clothes that you don’t care about. Get some dishwashing soap,like Dawn, tomato juice, towels, cat safe shampoo, and a tub or basin for washing your cat. Fill the tub with three to four inches of water, put your cat into the water, wet her down, soap her up with the dishwashing soap to break up the oils from the skunk spray, rinse with clean water (you may need two basins – one with clean water, one with the cat in it), pour tomato juice onto the cat and massage it in for about 5 to 10 minutes, rinse, and then shampoo with the cat shampoo, let that sit for another 5 minutes, rinse. Once your cat is completely rinsed, lift her out and wrap her in towels and place her in a warm dry place. Some of the smell may not be completely gone and her eyes might be irritated. Hopefully you’ve also been able to get in touch with the local vet and can bring her there shortly afterwards to make sure she’s ok.

Broken Bone – Before you get your cat to the vet, control its bleeding and confine its movement before you get to the hospital. Approach your cat slowly as s/he may be freaked and scared. If the fracture is closed, place the cat in a carrier to confine movement and get to the emergency vet as soon as possible. If the fracture or broken limb also has an open wound, rinse the wound with clean water. Don’t use any antiseptics or peroxide to clean the wounds. Wrap the leg with a clean cloth or sterile bandage to control bleeding. Then place your cat into a carrier and head to vet.

Choking – First, open your cats mouth by pressing either side of the jaw, and look to see if the object is there. Don’t tilt your cat’s head back. If you see something obvious, use tweezers to get it out but you’ll need help. Be careful since your cat may freak and try to bite you. Also, you might accidentally push the object further down. If your cat is choking on food (my cat has been known to do this) hold your cat upside down and press on its chest with both hands and pat on the back. A vet visit is, of course, needed afterwards to make sure your cat’s throat is ok and there’s no lacerations.

Electric Shock – Cats and kittens will sometimes chew on electric cords. It’s not common but it does happen. In this situation, do not touch your cat, but unplug the cord and if your cat is breathing, pick her up and bring to her a vet asap. If there are burn marks around the lips you can treat them with a little hydrogen peroxide but that’s it. Make sure to unplug the cord before touching your cat or you could get chocked too. If your cat isn’t breathing, perform CPR and get your cat to the nearest emergency vet as soon as you can.

Heatstroke – Cats who suffer heatstroke need treatment as soon as possible. Get your cat into a cool bath and apply a ice pack to your cat’s head that will help bring the temperature back down. Once you’ve gotten in touch with your vet, take the cat and place her into a carrier with the ice pack placed under her head and a towel that is soaked in cool water under her body.

Image from Simplycatbreeds.org

Looking for the local dog park? There’s an app for that!

screen-shot-2010-01-26-at-94206-amIf you have a smartphone like an iPhone then you probably have apps that help you find places to eat, places to go, and games. There are also several apps for pet owners. Some apps are for storing medical, some are designed to help find nearby dog friendly places, and some are for training.

Here are 5 useful iPhone apps for dog owners:

1. PetMD has a free app that allows you to find pet services around you. You can search by zip code or use your phone’s GPS. It has listings of the nearest dog parks, emergency clinics, dog sitters, and groomers. If you’re new to a city this is a handy application.

2. Petscare is a great free application for storing essential medical information for your pet. It allows you to add any number of pets and houses information about vaccines, microchip serial numbers, and weight. This little application would come in handy in the event of an emergency.

3. Dog Park by Dogster.com is an app for finding the nearest dog park and also connects you with dogs in your area. You can create a profile for you canine companion and meet and chat with other people who also own dogs. You can set up play dates, text, and share photos.

4. DogiDuty allows you to track your dog’s health by creating a report that is emailed to you after each walk. For owners who have dogs that may have special needs or medical issues, this application comes in handy to help monitor how often their dog has urinated or defecated, and fed. This app could come in handy for dog walkers and their clients. The clients would know when the dog walker came by and if their were any problems or things to note.

5. iPet Alert is an app that alert others as soon as you realize that your pet is missing. It issues an alert within a radius of where you are and also alerts you if a pet is missing within your vicinity. It sends alerts to local vets and you can also create a flyer with your pet’s information and picture. You can download the app for free and try it out for 15 days. After that it is a yearly fee of $12 dollars to be a registered member.

Whether you are home or on vacation these apps all serve to keep you and your pet happy, healthy, and safe!

Relax with a Cat at one of Tokyo’s Cat Cafes


So you’ve finally done it. You waited for the best airline deal you could find and booked a vacation to Tokyo, Japan. After the 15+ hour flight and walking through the densely populated streets you find yourself in awe of the Buddhist temple known as Asakusa Kannon or Sensoji.  Then you wander around the skyscraper district and find the hotels that were used in the movie “Lost in Translation.” And finally, you watch the residents of Tokyo squeeze themselves onto the mass transit system during rush hour. It’s exciting, amazing, and beautiful.

Then you notice something else. A café where people have removed their shoes, are sitting on couches that are ripped, and smiling as they look at the ground. Some of them are dangling strings and laughing. Others are on their hands and knees crawling after something. What is it? What are they doing?

They are petting and interacting with cats and kittens. They are hanging out in a cat café.

Tokyo apartments are often small, expensive, and many have no pet policies. Many residents of Tokyo work long hours and are not home enough to adequately care for a cat or dog. The cafes offer a channel where pet lovers can go and play with a cat, relax, and unwind after a busy day. It is estimated that there are as many as 40 cat cafes in Japan. The cafes have resident cats and for a fee you can spend an hour or more playing with and petting the cats.

The rules are simple:

  1. Remove your shoes.
  2. Wash your hands.
  3. Do not pull their tails.
  4. Do not force the cats to interact with you.
  5. Do not use the flash on your camera if you take pictures.

Here are a few of the cat cafes in Tokyo, Japan that you may want to visit:

Neko Jalala

Mr. Osamu Maeda owns this cat cafe. It was started as a way to help raise awareness of the stray population and hopefully get people to love cats. The cafe also serves as permanent homes for the cats he has chosen for his café.  Neko Jalala cats have biographies written about them with translations into other languages. Ask for a copy of it when you visit.

Contact Information:

Calico Cat Café

There are two branches of this popular café. They have only purebred cats and ask that you wear an ID tag that they give you.  One important rule is do not pick up any kittens that are wearing ribbons. It is also recommended you call ahead and make reservations as the cafés tend to be crowded, especially on weekends.

Contact Information:

  • Phone: +81 (0) 4 2229 8353
  • Website (only in Japanese)


Neko means ‘cat’  in Japanese. This café is decorated in wicker and burlap and boasts having a Nintendo Wii as well as cats. Most of the cats at this café  were once strays or turned into shelters by their owners.

Contact Information:

  • Phone: +81 (0) 3 6228-0646
  • Website (only in Japanese)

There are many other cat cafes in Tokyo. To find one that is in a neighborhood near where you are staying, ask the clerk at the front desk of your hotel or hostel. Cat cafes are trendy and (s)he may know where the closest one is and how to get there.

Pet Shops in Boston, Massachusetts


Boston, Massachusetts, aka Bean Town, is a major city of New England, a thus a great shopping center for natives and visitors from all around. It is a pet-friendly city, so it contains many great pet shops. It is a good place to shop for a dog sweaters, as inhabitants of this city sure know the winter and cold weather!

Four Pretty Paws

This Beacon Hill store accompanies the preppy style in Boston. Four Preppy Paws makes personalized dog collars, with cute patterns or your dog’s name embroidered onto the appropriate size. There are different background options, like Plaid or Gingham. They also make designer dog leashes, that come in 4 foot or 6 foot measurements, as well as designer harnesses. For humans, they have keychains and water totes.They donate some proceeds to the Underdog ResQ, Breast Cancer Initiatives and Puppies Behind Bars.

Pet Shop

This store sells cat, dog, fish, bird and reptile supplies. Some examples of products include hay for small animals, Solid Gold dog and cat foods, as well as filters, heaters and ornaments for fish. They also sell fish, birds, reptiles and small animals as pets. It is located in Allston, Massachusetts.

Skipton Pet Center

This shop offers a wide variety of pet products. Some examples include pet beds and furniture, collars and leashes, feeders and waterers, and more. They have a wide variety of dog and cat food and toys.

The Pet Cabaret

This store is an independent pet supply store located in Rolsindale Village, Massachusetts. It specializes in natural and organic food and treats for dogs, cats, birds and more. They offer some homoepathic medicine equipment, such as supplements and herbal and flower remedies. They also offer quality food, as well as dog beds, toys, collars and leashes.


Polka Dog Bakery

This store is located in the South End of Boston. They offer products like healthy cookies that come in assorted flavors, or a bag of bones for chew toys. They even have apparel for humans, if you happen to be really proud of shopping there. Very expensive, but can be saved for special occasions.

Animal Spirit

This store is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It offers many different types of dog foods, as well as leashes, collars, cat carriers, cages and much more. It has treats of all sorts. It is small but well-stocked, and enjoyable!