Harmful Household Plants To Pets

Our pets sometimes do things that we wish they didn’t like sit on the table, scratch the doors, or chew on electrical cords. They use their sense of smell, touch, and taste to learn about the world around them and it can sometimes get them in trouble, especially when it comes to plants. Ingesting even […]

How to Give a Pill to a Cat

We’ve covered some ways to administer a pill to a dog which entailed wrapping the pill inside of something yummy like cheese or crushing it up in food and if needed, holding your dog and putting the pill in his/her mouth by hand. This half covers what to do with cats. Cats tend to have […]

Cat Acne 101: Causes and Treatment

Today is National Hug Your Cat Day, so before anything else, go hug your cat. I took a walk with a friend and we stopped and said hello to a few cats we saw along the way. Each one seemed to know it was their day and wanted all the attention we could give them. […]

5 Myths About Spaying and Neutering

I know some people don’t always think about spaying or neutering their pets. It’s not that they are not caring owners but they aren’t sure if it is necessary for a variety of reasons or they have heard horror stories and don’t want their pet to experience any major problems or tough recoveries. There are […]

Achoo! Signs That Your Cat Has A Cold

Sneezing, sniffles, and coughing are signs that your cat might have a cold. Yes, cats catch colds too. It’s known in the veterinary world as a feline upper respiratory infection and is quite common among cats that are indoor/outdoor. Most colds will last about 7 to 12 days and are usually not too serious. The […]

Why Do Cats Groom?

Anyone who owns a cat knows they spend hours grooming themselves throughout the day. It may be for a few minutes after eating, or right before taking a nap, or after they’ve finished playing with their favorite catnip toy. How and why cats groom impacts their physical, emotional, and social health. As kittens, they learn […]

Cat Health 101: Ear Mites

Ear mites live in the ears of animals, typically cats, ferrets, rabbits, and sometimes dogs. We can’t get ear mites but our pets can be infected with them easily. Brief physical contact with an animal that has them gives some mites enough time to move to the uninfected animal and begin making a home in […]

What is FIP?

FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) is a disease that is spread through domestic and wild cats worldwide. It’s a virus that attacks the cells of the intestinal wall and and manifests itself in forms known as “wet” and “dry.” FIP is almost always fatal and is caused by a virus. How is FIP transmitted? FIP can […]

Cat Hot Spots

If you notice your cat overgrooming a part of her back or belly and notice hair loss and redness, a lot more scratching, and lesions that may ooze, your cat might have hot spots.  These are aggravated sores that come from something that is irritating your cat’s skin such as flea eggs laid on area […]

Negative Experiences And Litter Box Problems

Cats sometimes stop using the litter box and there can be a number of reasons why. Maybe you moved to a new place and your cat isn’t adjusting well to the new digs. Maybe you recently painted or remodeled and the smells, noise, and layout scare your cat. Or maybe your cat has a health […]

Urine Marking: Why Cats Spray

Urine marking is something we normally think only male cats do who are not neutered but that’s not entirely true. While the occurrence is stronger from intact tomcats to mark, all cats will mark when they are feeling stressed. It’s a way of trying to establish their territory and communicate with other animals in their […]