10 Best Gifts For Your Cat (or Cat Lovers)

It’s time to start shopping! As you go through your list of friends and relatives, don’t forget about your best friend in the world, your cat. Or your best friend’s best friend (sorry, but it’s probably true). If you’re not sure what to get him/her, don’t worry. We got you covered. Top 10 Gifts For […]

Top 7 Best Scratching Posts

Tired of your cat scratching the leg of the dining room table? My cats used to scratch the floor speakers to my stereo when they were kittens. Very quickly I got them a scratching post, catnip, and praised them whenever they used the post. It worked! If your cat has been finding things to sharpen […]

12 Great Gift Ideas for Cats

The holidays are the ideal time to splurge a little on loved ones – and for those of us whose households include cats, that means finding gifts for them, too. We all know how finicky cats can be, so picking the perfect toy or treat may not be easy – but with this selection of […]

PetCube – Play With Your Pet (Remotely) Anytime, Anywhere

Spending a day at work away from your pet can be tough on them. They may get lonely, whine, and when you come home they will bounce off the walls wanting to play and spend time with you. Now, there’s a new way to interact with your pet while you’re gone, it’s called Pet Cube. […]

Chubby Cat: 6 Tips For A Thinner Kitty

We’ve talked about how to help dogs stay trim. Let’s focus on our feline friends and what can be done to help them stay slim, trim, and healthy. Obese cats face health risks similar to people and dogs, arthritis, shorter life spans, and diabetes are among some of the many health concerns that a chubby […]

What is Catnip?

My cats love catnip and will eat it, roll around in a dried pile of it, and then lay on the floor in a daze afterwards. If there is a toy that has some in it, they will kick it and paw at it for a few minutes and then rest their head on it. […]

Boredom and Cats, What Can You Do?

Cats sleep a lot but they also like to play, discover new things, and eat. Boy, do my cats like to eat. A bored cat may play aggressively or get into things they shouldn’t. Some cats that seem to be under-stimulated may overreact to seeing an outdoor cat pass through their yard and slam themselves […]

Tips For Choosing Earth Friendly Toys

So far we’ve talked about ways to be green with choosing cat litter and ways to keep your lawn and dog safe, now let’s talk about the toys we buy for our pets. Toys for dogs and cats are sometimes very colorful, bouncy, and made to increase the “play drive” in our pets. Choosing toys […]