The Maltese: The Roman Ladies’ Dog

The maltese is a small breed dog that falls into the toy group and has roots in the Central Mediterranean Area from the island of Malta. This dog is a compact breed that usually weighs between 4 to 7 lbs and is a cuddly companion to anyone who owns one. History The breed has been […]

Beauceron: The French Sheepdog

The Beauceron is a guard dog and herding dog with its origins in France. It’s also known as Berger de Beauce or Bas Rouge. This breed is not very well known outside of Northern France, and many of us, if we saw this dog, might think it was a mix between a shepherd and doberman […]

Belgian Tervuren: The Belgium Policedog

The Belgian Tervuren reminds me of werewolves. They have long muzzles, fur that highlights their striking physical features and often have dark muzzles and very serious looking eyes. These dogs are herding dogs, with roots in Belgium, and its name is derived from the village Tervuren. They are not as popular as other shepherd breeds […]

Rhodesian Ridgeback: The African Lion Hound

Lately I’ve seen a few Rhodesian Ridgebacks walking around town and wondered what they are like and their history. They are easily recognized by the line of fur that runs the other way on their back, or the “ridge.” They are also often tall, thin, and reddish in color and tend to have a very […]

Pembroke Welsh Corgi: Low Rider

Corgis are very recognizable dogs. They are low to the ground, stocky, and have thick legs and long backs. But did you know there are two distinct types of corgis? The cardigan welsh corgi and the pembroke welsh corgi have some physical differences and are named for the areas they originated from in Wales. They […]

Shiba Inu: The Little Brushwood Dog

Shiba Inu puppy

By now many of us have watched or read about the shiba inu web cam on where you can watch a litter of puppies grow up before they are adopted out. You have probably also seen a shiba inu in your neighborhood and have wondered what kind of disposition they have and if they […]