Canine Ear Infections

Dogs get ear infections now and then. The floppy guys tend to be more prone to them than the ones who have standup perky ears. It’s usually due to bacteria or yeast in the ears that can’t get out of the canals and then gets mixed with wax creating an infection. Some of the causes […]

Stop Your Dog From Licking and Chewing Her Paws

If your dog chews her paws, licks, and bites the padding it could be mean she is having a reaction to something she is in contact with, but determining what it is can be difficult. Anything from food allergies, substances on the sidewalk that bug her, elements in the soil, to anxiety, or obsessive-compulsive disorders […]

10 Essential Dog Care Tips

We share our lives with our pets. They depend on us for food, guidance, and to keep them safe and healthy. Our dogs give us loyalty, love, and happiness and in return we provide them with shelter, food, and care. Here are 10 tips to being a great dog owner and giving your pooch the […]