American Newfoundland Clubs

Newfoundlands are considered a large dog breed, and they originally descend from a line bred for working dogs for fishermen. Though there are many clubs for these dogs around the United States, they are originally from the Colony of Newfoundland, now part of Canada. Newfoundlands are famous for being huge dogs that are muscular and have thick coats, webbed feet and come in black, gray, white or brown colors.

Many of these regional Newfoundland breed clubs conduct events like specialty shows and dog-related parties and parades. As Newfoundlands are working dogs, a lot of them also organize water work, in which they are trained to rescue humans in water. There are also draft tests, where Newfoundland command skills are tested, and they must pull loaded carts.

Newfoundland Club of America

The Newfoundland Club of America has been around ever since 1930, and is the central American club that promotes the quality of pure-bred Newfoundlands, and encourages the other regional clubs. They publish a quarterly magazine, and conduct activities like National Specialties and working events. Newfoundland enthusiasts are welcome to apply for membership.

Heart of America Newfoundland Club

The Heart of America Newfoundland Club is the regional club for parts of Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Iowa and Nebraska. They hold meetings and specialty shows for this area, and are active in some rescue efforts. As for membership, they welcome anyone who has interest in Newfs.

Bear Mountain Newfoundland Club

The Bear Mountain Newfoundland Club has members from New York City, stretching north into several upstate counties, as well as Long Island. They hold events like board meetings and holiday parties, and offer a breeders list for around New York State. Their website has the information on applying for membership.

Newfoundland Club of Northern California

The Newfoundland Club of Northern California offers specialty shows, water tests, parades, draft tests, meetings, holiday parties and public education events. People involved in this club range all the way from the Oregon and California border, to around Reno, Nevada; they are the largest Newfoundland club of the Western United States. Those interested in becoming a part of this club should read this.

Colonial Newfoundland Club

The Colonial Newfoundland Club is centered around Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. They are active in things like annual meetings, fun days, specialty shows, pet parties, parades and draft tests. They also put on swim dates, where they allow Newfoundlands to train water work. The Colonial Newfoundland Club also does a regional rescue network. Click here for the membership information.

Colombia River Newfoundland Club

This Newfoundland Club is based around Oregon and Washington, and has been active since 1989. They host recreational and educational activities, as well as participate in public events and parades. It is a great club for Northwest nature enthusiasts, as they put together things like mountain, beach, picnic and water days.

Genesee Region Newfoundland Club

The Genesee Region Newfoundland Club is based in upstate New York, and they hold meetings, as well as conduct draft and water tests. They host an annual dinner and publish a newsletter as well. There are different types of membership for this club.

Newfoundland Club of Florida

The Newfoundland Club of Florida is active with events like fun days, annual celebration weekends, parades, summer events and draft test practice times. Their website lists information on how to join them.

Great Lakes Newfoundland Club

TheĀ Great Lakes Newfoundland Club has members around Michigan. These Newfoundland enthusiasts march at parades, and hold board meetings, tests and assorted workshops. They offer an onlineĀ membership information.

Mesquite Newfoundland Club

The Mesquite Newfoundland Club is centered in Arizona, and they organize activities like conformation events, rescue, therapy dog work and obedience or working tasks. Its members also organize meetings, and they welcome people to apply to the club.

High Country Newfoundland Club

The High Country Newfoundland Club has members in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming and Utah. They participate in working tests and have compiled a list of area breeders. A membership application is available on their website.

Newfoundland Club of New England

The Newfoundland Club of New England involves people throughout the states of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. This club offers fun and educational events, holiday events, dinners, clinics, hikes and other activities. They maintain a regional breeding list if people contact them. New Englanders can download a membership application online.

New-Pen-Del Newfoundland Club

The New-Pen-Del Newfoundland Club is the regional club for New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. This club holds some drafting workshops, and they have compiled a regional breeder list on their website. New people are welcome to apply for membership.

Newfoundland Club of Hawaii

The Newfoundland Club of Hawaii keeps its members busy all year with a variety of meetings, fun matches, breed shows, specialty shows, picnics, potlucks and more. They also assist a Hawaii rescue program.

Brittany Clubs of the United States II

Brittanys are popular dogs in practically every state of America, and lots of these regional organizations are involved in field trials, hunt tests, horse back tests, specialty shows and other competitions or fun events.

Greater Saint Louis Brittany Club

The Greater St Louis Brittany Club was founded in the late 1950’s, and is still active today with hunt tests, walking trials, horseback trials and club meetings that are held throughout the year.

Heart of Illinois Brittany Club

The Heart of Illinois Brittany Club puts on a few events throughout the year, including shows, walking trials and horse back trials. They also know of breeders around the state.

Iowa Brittany Club

The Iowa Brittany Club is very active with events throughout the year, such as field trials, specialty shows, hunt tests and tabling at festivals. There are meetings that occur twice a year. People who want to join this club should download a membership application.

LaSalle Brittany Club

The LaSalle Brittany Club is based out of Illinois. They strive to keep the Brittany in its highest standards, and keep these dogs active in fun trials, hunt tests, specialty shows and field trials. This club also lists a handful of breeders. There are membership applications available online.

Minnesota Brittany Club

This Minnesota club has been active since 1960, and is involved in specialty shows and field trials. When available, they also list puppies. People who want to become part of this club should read the procedure.

Missouri Brittany Club

This club has members in Missouri, as well as parts of Eastern Kansas. They have all sorts of events and activities, ranging from Dogtoberfests to Pheasant fun hunts, hunt tests, fund raisers, meetings and more. Their website also has a classifieds section that lists puppies and other local services, as well as instructions on how new members can join them.

St Croix Valley Brittany Club

The St Croix Valley Brittany Club is based out of Minnesota, and has been around since 1979. They hold meetings almost every month. In the Winter, they hold a hunt and an annual banquet; in the Spring, there is the fun run, field trial, walking field trial and hunt test. The Summer is time for training sessions, and there is a game fair in the Fall. This Midwest club also lists local Brittany breeders. Anyone interested can fill out an SCVBC Membership Application Request Form.

Central New Mexico Brittany Club

The Central New Mexico Brittany Club has been around since 1981. Some events they take part in include field trials, hunt tests, specialty shows, sporting dog fancier shows and weekend training sessions. There are different kinds of membership for this club, for individuals or their associate family members or partners.

Indian Nations Brittany Club

The Indian Nations Brittany Club is based out of Oklahoma, and they support the best-possible activity of Brittanys at dog shows, hunting tests, field trials, obedience trials and specialty shows. They hold occasional meetings, as well as parties, horse back competitions and waking trials. Their website also lists some breeders, and has an available membership application.

Southern Kansas Brittany Club

The Southern Kansas Brittany Club was established in 1957, and they host field trials, training seminars, fun matches, picnics and hunt tests. They also have the potential to put on obedience and agility trials, or bench shows.

California Brittany Club

The California Brittany Club sponsors field trials and huntings tests, as well as annual specialty shows. There is also an awards banquet each year. Their existing members welcome new people in California to apply to their club.

Greater Phoenix Brittany Club

This Arizona club is small, but is growing. They hold field trials once a season, as well as some occasional walking field trials and hunting tests. People in this area who want to join this club should read their page.

Montana Brittany Club

The Montana Brittany Club holds activities like field trials, Hungarian Partridge Challenges, hunt tests, rattlesnake avoidance clinics, dog training seminars and more. There are also member meetings, and they always welcome new people to apply.

Northern California Brittany Club

The Northern California Brittany Club was established in 1954, and offers a variety of events, such as club meetings, hunt tests, specialty shows, field trials, fun days and more. They also publish a newsletter to keep their members informed. Those who want to become part of this organization should read their membership section.

Oregon Brittany Club

This Oregon club has been active ever since 1953, being one of the oldest Brittany clubs on the West Coast. Throughout the year, the Oregon Brittany Club hosts two horseback field trials, two hunt day tests, a walking field trial, a specialty dog show and a fun day. Their website also lists breeders around the state of Oregon. They always welcome new members.

Boxer Clubs in the United States of America I

Boxers are a breed of dog that are stocky, short-haired and medium-sized. They have some staple physical characteristics, like broad, short skulls, strong jaws and an under bite. They belong to the mastiff group of dogs

Boxers are one of the most popular breeds in the United States, and many different clubs exist in different states that are dedicated to their purebred upkeep. Lots of these clubs hold member meetings, rescue networking, breeder referral, specialty shows, matches and fun dates.

American Boxer Club

The American Boxer Club is a centralized club, and their website has all sorts of resources on Boxer Health, with subjects ranging from genetic diseases to breed longevity. They are also involved in some national and regional shows. People who want to join the ABC should check out the membership application process.

Bluebonnet Boxer Club

The Bluebonnet Boxer Club is based out of Houston, Texas. They hold monthly meetings, and are also involved in sanctioned matches, specialty shows and obedience trials for Boxers. They accept applications for new members.

Boxer Club of Arizona

The Boxer Club of Arizona conducts meetings once a month, and also does breeder referrals. Those who are interested in being part of this should read the membership requirements.

Dallas Boxer Club

The Dallas Boxer Club holds monthly meetings. They have been around since 1950, and are open to new members joining. The club also holds two specialty shows in the Spring. Texans who are interested in adopting a Boxer should check out their breeder list or contact them for rescue networking.

East Tennessee Boxer Club

The ETBC is dedicated to the betterment of the Boxer breed. They are active in many sponsored events throughout the year, like conformation and other specialty shows. They also schedule meetings that sometimes have treats like ice cream. People in the area who want a dog should check out their litter announcements.

Heart of America Boxer Club

This Kansas club was founded in 1950, and is open to new members applying. They hold meetings and shows throughout the year, and are affiliated with Boxer rescue.

East Bay Boxer Club

The East Bay Boxer Club was founded in 1956, and hold monthly meetings and annual specialty shows. They also have local Boxer rescue resources, and can do breeder referrals.

Boxer Club of Colorado

The Boxer Club of Colorado was founded in 1948, and its members are involved in conformation, obedience, agility or simply owning and loving Boxers. They sometimes list available puppies and rescue dogs, as well as hold specialty shows. This club holds meetings once a month.

Boxer Club of Hawaii

The Boxer Club of Hawaii was established in 1946, and holds quarterly meetings that educate its members on valuable subjects like health and grooming. They are also partnered with the local Doberman and Boxer meet-up group that goes on hikes and dog play dates. Boxer lovers in Hawaii should read the Club Application.

Boxer Club of San Fernando Valley

This California club is active in conformation, herding, agility and obedience. They are also involved in events like all-breed fun days. This club welcomes people in the area to apply.

Boxer Club of Southern California

The Boxer Club of Southern California was started in 1949, and their website has ample information on Boxer education. They also put on annual specialty shows, and hold general meetings once a month that welcome visitors. Click here for information on membership.

Connecticut Boxer Club

The Connecticut Boxer Club is a newer club that has been around since 2004. They hold several meetings throughout the year in Meriden, Connecticut. They are open to new members joining. Some members can give breeder referrals for the area, and the club is linked to some other Boxer Rescue networks.

Georgia Boxer Club

The Georgia Boxer Club holds meetings throughout the year, and also puts on shows in the spring and fall every year. One of their members can also do breeder referral. Click here to learn how to join them.

Granite State Boxer Club

This New Hampshire club holds six club meetings throughout the year in the Manchester area. They also hold an annual specialty show in Westford, Massachussetts, along with a fun match each fall.

Miami Valley Boxer Club

This Ohio club holds monthly meetings in Marysville, as well as other social events. They also list Boxer rescue networks around Ohio.

Greater St Louis Boxer Club

The Greater St Louis Boxer Club was founded in 1953, and is still very active today, organizing educational events in parks and specialty shows. Those interested in adopting should take a look at their litter listings and breeder referrals.

Maryland Boxer Rescue

The Maryland Boxer Rescue was founded in 1950, and their members attend meetings, summer events and holiday parties. They also organize boxer matches and participate in specialty shows. Anyone in the local region who wants to be part of the club should read the membership requirements.

American German Shepherd Clubs

German Shepherds, also known as “Alsatians,” are a breed of dog originally designed for herding sheep. Today, these dogs are used for many different purposes, and there are many clubs around the United States devoted to them.

German Shepherd Dog Club of America

The German Shepherd Dog Club of America has been dedicated to this breed since 1913, and argue that German Shepherds are the “most versatile breed in the world of purebred dogs.”

They have valuable information regarding these dogs, including picking a puppy and facts about the breed standard. They are also involved in specialty shows around the country.

Click here for information regarding membership.

German Shepherd Dog Club of Wisconsin

This Midwest club is very active, and holds many events like meetings, parades, agility trials, specialty shows and Oktoberfest. They also hold obedience classes for German Shepherds. Some of their members are breeders located throughout Wisconsin.

Those interested in membership should read the procedure.

German Shepherd Dog Club of San Diego County

This Southern California club is active in sponsoring and participating in obedience, agility, conformation, rally and herding of German Shepherds. In addition to their events, they also hold member meetings usually on the 4th of each month. Those interested in joining should take a look at their membership site.

German Shepherd Dog Club of Southern Arizona

This German Shepherd club was founded in 1957. They hold club meetings and specialty shows like obedience, rally and conformation.

Northern New Jersey German Shepherd Dog Club

This club dates back to its foundation in 1954, and has members in New Jersey, New York City, Connecticut and Westchester county.

They hold beginner and advanced obedience training, along with classes for show handling. They are also active in German Shepherd educational programs, including demonstrations, exhibitions, lectures and films. Their members also sponsor specialty shows, obedience trials and fun matches. Members can enjoy fun social events like holiday parties, summer parties and others. They also can do puppy referral, and are open to new members.

German Shepherd Dog Club of Rochester, New York

This upstate New York club was first established in 1956, and they put on dog shows and matches, and also sponsor an annual dinner program that brings educational resources for dog owners. Their members are also involved with events like parades and fun matches.

Click here for a membership application.

German Shepherd Dog Club of Washington State

This Northwestern club was established in 1928, and is committed to the study, ownership, exhibition, training and breeding of German Shepherds. Their current members consist of judges, breeders, handlers, students and hobbyists of these dogs; there are also some trainers.

Those interested in adopting a German Shepherd should check out their breeder’s list or rescue resources.

Click here to view a membership application.

American Pomeranian Clubs

Pomeranians are a Nordic dog breed which are fluffy and usually 3-7 pounds. There is one central club in the United States, as well as a number of regional clubs, social groups and rescues that are devoted to Poms.

American Pomeranian Club

The American Pomeranian Club was established in 1900, and is the sole official American Kennel Club parent group that represents these dogs. They exist to encourage responsible and ethical ownership and breeding of Pomeranians. Their website contains valuable information on the breed standard, as well as their history and different colors. The American Pomeranian Club is involved with several events, including a national specialty, summer specialty and regional events.

People interested in membership should check out the necessary procedure and application form.

Pomeranian Playgroup of Northern Virginia

People and Poms who live around Northern Virginia have a chance to socialize with others in the area! This club holds meet-ups at parks and marches.

City of Angels Pomeranian Club

This club is based in Los Angeles, California, and was established in 1981. They are involved in specialty shows, and they are linked with the Southern California Pomeranian Rescue.

Pomeranian Club of Central Indiana

This Midwestern organization is a team of Pomeranian exhibitors, owners and breeders. They hold 6 meetings per year, with fun activities like picnics, specialties and Pom Olympics.

Click here to take a look at the membership application.

Pomeranian Club of Greater Baltimore

This Maryland club is dedicated to promoting the Pomeranian breed in many different ways. They hold specialty shows, and put together meetings the first Tuesday of every month. They also do breeder referral. Those who are interested in joining should take a look at the rules.

New York City Pomeranian Meetup

The New York City Pomeranian Meetup is a social dog and owner community that meets up about once a month. People are able to network with other Pom lovers, as well as share and receive valuable information on owning these little dogs.

Columbia Pomeranian Club

The Columbia Pomeranian Club is based in Portland, Oregon. They are involved in annual specialties. People who are interested in joining this club just have to be Pom lovers, and are not required to be breeders or showers.

Colorado Peke and Pom Rescue

This organization is dedicated to rescue Pekingese and Pomeranian breeds, along with some other small dogs. Click here to see what dogs are available.