Doggie Spas and Self-Service Dog Wash Places in Dallas, TX

One of the things dogs need from time to time is a bath. Bathing them at home can certainly be done without problems but being able to go somewhere and have your dog in a tub that’s at waist height, can be leashed to prevent jumping out, and have a choice of shampoos and conditioners for a few bucks is a nice and often times, easier option.

Here’s a few doggie spas and self service places in Dallas that you can bring your dog:

1: The Pooch Patio is located at 3811 Fairmount St in Dallas and is open everyday of the week. The hours are M-F 7am to 7pm and 10am to 5pm on the weekends. This means that Max can get a bath after you get home from work. Aside from being able to wash the dirt off your dog you can also grab an espresso or a beer, they have a java house and beer and wine bar. Also, if your dog needs a place to romp, The Pooch Patio has a dog daycare facility with webcams and they also offer grooming services. For more information and their rates, check out their site.

2: Vhea’s Lundormutt and Doggie Spa is located at 718 N Buckner Blvd and is open T-F 9am to 7pm, Sat 9am to 6pm, and Sun 12pm to 6pm. They have everything you need to clean your pet and can do it for you or you can do it yourself. They also have a boutique where you can purchase food, leashes, and treats. They even carry cat food! If you are unable to get to them, they will come to you. Vhea’s offers pickup and delivery service of your dog for an additional fee and have a daycare and boarding option if your dog is dying to make some new friends!

3: Dirty Dawgz Self-Service Dog Spa is located at 6454 E Mockingbird Lane and offers a variety of grooming tools so your pet can come home clean, trimmed, and happy. They are open everyday M-F from 10am to 7pm, Sat 10am to 6pm, and Sun 12pm to 6pm. Give them a call at 214-827-3470 to check their rates. They provide aprons so you don’t get a bath in the process and the staff is friendly. If you need any help they gladly assist you and will even clip and clean your dog’s ears for an additional fee.

Pet Stores and Services Around Manchester, New Hampshire

Manchester, New Hampshire, and its surrounding area, is full of wonderful pet stores, along with many different boarding and grooming businesses. There are ample shopping opportunities for all sorts of pets, as well as grooming and boarding for cats and dogs.

Dave’s Dragons

Dave’s Dragons is a reptile and exotic pet store. Along with an great selection of reptiles and amphibians, they carry rats, mice, chinchillas and fish. Anyone who already has these animals and is looking for the appropriate supplies can buy them at Dave’s, like lighting, bedding, backgrounds, live plants, heating and live and frozen feeder animals.

Bill’s Pet and Aquarium

Bill’s Pet and Aquarium is a small shop that sells a few different types of pets, like puppies, kittens, birds, fish, small animals and reptiles. They also stock supplies for such creatures.

Absolutely Furfect

Absolutely Furfect is a dog grooming salon that has fancy specialties like spa music and massage bath. They provide services like ear grooming, nail trimming, nail painting, hair coloring, hair cutting, teeth brushing, shampooing and conditioning. They sell a few dog accessories at this salon, like collars, toys and coats.

All Dogs Gym & Inn

The All Dogs Gym & Inn is a huge indoor facility of over 25,000 square feet, where dogs can be trained or get involved in assorted activities. This place features a large grooming space, doggie daycare, kennels, a training arena and a school for people to learn how to groom and care for dogs professionally.

Sendaishi Pet Resort

The Sendaishi Pet Resort is a dog resort that encompasses over 60 acres of country land on the outskirts of Manchester. They also offer some dog classes like handling, obedience and even some sledding events.

Jan Waldo’s Grooming Boutique & Bed Inn Bath

Jan Waldo’s is located in Hookset, New Hampshire, and is a local business that has been open over 30 years. Along with professional grooming and bathing, they offer dog boarding that features soft bedding, a fenced yard for play and climate control.

Hollywood Hounds Pet Spa

Hollywood Hounds is located in Bedford, New Hampshire. They provide grooming for cats and dogs, with specialized practices like deskunking, hydrosurge, hand scissoring, hand stripping, nail trimming and custom cuts.

Bird Supply of New Hampshire

The Bird Supply of New Hampshire is full of quality products from around the world, such as feed, vitamins, supplements, disinfectants, toys, cages and more. They are located in Nashua, New Hampshire, and those who make it out to shop here will be treated with in-store specials.

Pet Stores and Services in Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska, has lots of local resources for dog grooming, natural pet foods, pet bakeries and boutiques.


Pets-R-Us is a full pet store in Rockport Village that sells some pets and offers dog grooming.

Tully’s Kennels

Tully’s Kennels is a business that offers boarding. Their rates depending on the size of the dog, and they have set up individual indoor/outdoor accommodations with climate control.

Clearview Pet Care Centre

Clearview Pet Care Centre has been providing pet services over 45 years, and currently has over 20 employees. They offer pet lodging for dogs and cats, as well as a pet spa that can do shampoos, trims, cuts, flea treatments, skin care, moisturizing treatments and more.

Just Dogs Gourmet

Just Dogs Gourmet is a franchise with a location in Omaha. Their bakery offers hand-cut, all-natural dog treats of all flavors and sizes.

Three Dog Bakery

Three Dog Bakery is a chain that provides healthy, tasty food and treats for dogs without any wheat, corn or soy. They cook adult and puppy formulas, as well as foods for dogs with meat allergies.

Nature Dog

Nature Dog provides premium food for dogs and cats, without any ingredients that are bad for their health. They also carry treats for cats and dogs, as well as unique toys, collars, leashes and other pet accessories. A wide range of supplements are also sold at this store.

Reef Tectonics

Reef Tectonics is a company that performs full-service aquarium installation and maitenence for homes and businesses.

Fish Freaks Cichlids

Fish Freaks Cichlids provides the largest selection of cichlids in the Omaha metropolitan area. They have been breeding all sorts of cichlids for years, like Lake Tanganyika and Lake Malawi. This place also sells aquarium supplies, drygoods, fish foods, breeding supplies and other fish-related products.

Long Dog Fat Cat

Long Dog Fat Cat is a store full of natural and organic dog and cat foods. They also sell treats, toys, shampoos, conditioners, skin care supplies, coat care supplies, digestive solutions, dental care products, odor/stain removers and pet art.

Luxe Pet Boutique

Luxe Pet Boutique is the local destination for pampered cats and dogs in Elkhorn, Nebraska. They have a grooming salon with a Zen atmosphere and state-of-the-art equipment. There are no kennels, and they do all of the drying by hand. This place also offers group classes, private training and one-time seminars to help train dogs.

Pet Stores and Services Around Saint Petersburg, Florida

Saint Petersburg, Florida, is a city full of many different cute dog boutiques and salons. There are also stores that sell products for all sorts of animals, and other ones centered around aquariums.

Doggy Doos Pet Salon & Boutique

This place is a grooming salon that also sells natural dog foods, organic treats, cute dog beds and other special products.

Animal House

The Animal House Pet Centers has two locations in Saint Petersburg. Both of these businesses are locally and family owned, and are nevertheless huge pet stores. They sell food and supplies for cats, dogs, birds, small animals and reptiles. Both stores sell tropical fish and supplies, and the 34th street location also sells freshwater fish; the 34th street store also offers dog grooming. Both locations sell a variety of feeder animals, such as fish, crickets, mealworms and rodents.

Pawsitively Posh Pooch

Pawsitively Posh Pooch is an interesting and indulgent dog and cat boutique. They carry clothing for dogs that is meant to resemble Chanel’s Closet, from plaid to lace. This place even offers a Yappy Hour event each Thursday evening, with wine and fancy, organic snacks and treats. One section of the Pawsitively Posh Pooch is the Parisian Bistro, which sells¬† several healthy treats and snacks for cats and dogs. This boutique also has a grooming salon that uses top-quality products, and offers things like aromatherapy cologne, nail trimming and blow drying. They can also host dog birthday parties.

Rockin’ Reef

Rockin’ Reef is mostly centered around live rock, but they also carry fish, invertebrates and corals for personal aquariums. This store also sells products for such marine ecosystems, like fish food, pumps and plant care.

Orvee’s Pet Center

Orvee’s Pet Center is a retail shop and dog grooming salon. They sell natural and holistic pet foods, along with small animals, fish and reptiles.

Bath & Biscuit Pet Boutique

The Bath & Biscuit Pet Boutique has a few expert stylists that groom all sorts of dogs, and can also provide specialty services like facial scrubs and dental packages. They sell name-brand dog foods, along with delicious iced treats, bulk treats and dog birthday cakes.

One Lucky Dog

One Lucky Dog is a unique dog boutique that strives to be the most “extensive and upbeat” one in the Tampa Bay area.

Their boutique section sells specialty beds, feeders, leashes, collars, toys, shampoos and carrying cases. They also sell holistic dog foods, as well as natural, locally baked cat and dog treats. This business also has a grooming salon that offers different rates for different breeds of dogs.

Pupicure: 7 Tips for Paw Care

Dogs use their paws to walk, dig, and do a ton of other things. They’d type if they could and write their own articles about what they need to keep their paws clean, hurt-free, and healthy.

With the summer months creeping up there’s things we need to do to make sure our dogs stay healthy like flea and tick protection, heart-worm protection, and dehydration. Their paws also need some TLC.

Here’s 7 ways to take care of your dog’s paws:

1: Keep their nails trimmed. A dog’s nails should touch the ground but if you hear “clack clack clack” as they walk or see their claw get snagged, then it’s time for a trim.

2: After walks or playing in a dog park, check the paws for things that might be stuck between the toes like pebbles, glass, and other objects. These can cause pain and discomfort.

3: Avoid long walks on hot pavement as this can cause injury to your dog’s feet. They can get blisters from the extreme heat. Try finding some shade to walk under or take them to the park where the grass is cooler.

4: Moisturize those pads. Dogs can get dry feet and like us, it can hurt and crack. Don’t use human moisturizers, ask your vet what to use.

5: Ask your groomer to trim the hair between the toes to avoid matting.

6: Keep your yard free of debris. Splinters, glass, and other sharp objects can cut your dog’s feet. Try to make sure your home is safe for them.

7: If your dog isn’t paw shy, try massaging the feet. It helps their circulation and can relax your dog.

As calloused and rough as a dog’s paws can become sometimes things can poke them, get stuck, and cause some pain. Some owners I know wipe their dog’s feet when they come inside from walks and others have gotten their dogs used to wearing booties. Not all dogs will like wearing boots but many of them will be ok with a foot wipe down and quick checkup to make sure nothing is stuck between the toes. Try using positive reinforcement to get your dog used to the idea and routine that they must have their feet touched and looked at after a walk. Get some special treats they love that are only used for “paw time.” They will learn and you’ll have peace of mind that your pup’s paws are healthy.

Pet Stores Around Mystic, Connecticut

If you are headed to Mystic, Connecticut or to Rhode Island, there are plenty of fun pet shops to explore. Some are cute boutiques, some have obedience classes and others offer awesome grooming services.

My Dog’s Place

My Dog’s Place offers lots of dog services, such as daycare, training and other activities. They also offer private, in-home cosultation for dog behavioral issues. For fun, this place holds puppy playgroups, adolescent social and adult social sessions. This spring, they are even holding some flyball and scenting classes.

Stonington Feed

This is a pet store that offers assorted pet foods and products. They also offer some gardening supplies.

Fin and Feather Pets

This pet store is located in Groton, Connecticut, and is great for all kinds of animals. They sell assorted breeds of puppies, as well as dog and cat food and supplies. There are also some breeds of birds and bird food for sale, as well as reptiles and reptile supplies. There are a few small animals for sale and products for them. They have a developed aquarium section, full of fresh and saltwater fish, supplies and saltwater corals.

Dockside Dogs

This store is located in Stonington, Connecticut, and calls itself “a proper pet boutique.” Their products are on the indulgent side, such as stylish dog raincoats, eco-friendly toys and fancy dog soaps. They have many interesting products as well, like Pez for Pets and waste bag accessories. There are also a few things for cats.

Must Love Dogs!

This is a pet store located in Niantic, Connecticut, which is a boutique and bakery. They sell things like treats, clothing, harnesses, socks, beds, toys, collars and leashes.


This chain store is located in Waterford, Connecticut. They sell all sorts of products for cats, dogs, reptiles, fish, birds and small animals. This particular location offers affordable vaccinations, full-service grooming, dog training and pet photography.

Pets Plus

Pets Plus is a store and grooming salon that is located in Westerly, Rhode Island. They have assorted pets for sale, including puppies, kittens, rabbits, mice, rats, freshwater fish, saltwater fish, reptiles, turtles, snakes and frogs. In terms of supplies, they sell food for dogs, birds and fish, toys for puppies and kittens, dog houses and terranium supplies.

Sables Salon

Sables Salon is a grooming boutique and shop for cats and dogs that is located in Westerly, Rhode Island. They also offer boarding services.

Pet Stores in Bismarck, North Dakota

Bismarck, North Dakota, has a few good spots for pet grooming, boarding and shopping. Most of the stores cater to dogs, but some also carry merchandise for cats, horses, birds and fish.


KT Animal Supply

This is a locally owned pet store where you can get all sorts of animal supplies. It even carries assorted horse supplies, like food, saddles, horse vaccines and fly controls. They also cater to dogs, cats, reptiles, saltwater fish, freshwater fish and small animals. You can stop by with your pet to try on the seasonal animal apparel, like winter coats and boots!


Animal Kingdom

This pet store has been offering services for 30 years to Bismarck, and offers fair prices on pet foods. They also sell assorted pets, such as puppies, kittens, birds, fish and more. They offer full grooming services, including nail clipping, gland extraction, teeth brushing and ear cleaning. If you feel more comfortable grooming your pet yourself, they have a self-service grooming station.

Pet Place Grooming and Supplies

This is a dog grooming spot, where the professional staff is Pet CPR and First Aid certified. They now offer grooming classes by the North Dakota School of Cosmetology.

The staff offers extensive services, such as hot oil treatments, de-shedding, ear cleaning, medicated baths and flea and tick baths. They dry dogs off with a high velocity dryer to eliminate dander. If your dog gets hungry after being cleaned, they sell tasty dog treats by Tricia’s Bakery, and Solid Gold Dog Food.

Four Paws Inn

This is a boarding and grooming center for dogs. They offer short term and long term boarding.

Pet Smart Bismarck

This is a chain store that has a location in Bismarck. They offer training services, where you can bring in your new puppy for obedience classes. They also have extensive grooming services for cats and dogs, seven days a week. Pet Smart is a huge store that offers food and supplies for cats, dogs, birds, wild birds, fish, reptiles and small animals.

Healthy Dog Center

This downtown dog store has all sorts of natural dog products, with a knowledgeable staff. They have an assortment of natural and raw dog food and treats, and you can make special orders if you need something they do not carry. You can even take your dog in for professional grooming, or a self-service bath with professional tubs, dryers, shampoos and towels.

The Healthy Dog Center also a dog boutique that carries products like herbal and holistic remedies, hemp collars and leashes and natural soaps and shampoos. Closed Sundays.

Upcoming Pet Events Around Los Angeles

There are lots of fun dog and cat events going around in proximity of Los Angeles, California. The Petcos in the area have many resources and useful sessions for pets and pet owners.


Dachshund Day


Northridge, California

December 23 & 30

It’s Dachshund Day at Petco Northridge on Wednesdays of December! You can bring your wiener down to get the works package free, if you purchase a Bath and Brush Service (which will be discounted). It starts at 7:00 AM.

Very Affordable Dog Training

My Pet Garden

Pasadena, California

December 27

There is a low-cost dog training session at My Pet Garden on Sundays from 12:00-4:00 PM. It is conducted by Sandy Redford, who is a dog trainer recommended by the Pasadena Humane Society. There are private and group lessons every week for as low as $15. You can stop by, or call for details: (626) 449-1600; or email: [email protected].

Dinner and a Dog Bath


Northridge, California

December 29

If you bring your cat or dog to the grooming salon at Petco after 3:00 PM, you can pick up some coupons for dinner at Marie Callenders, Denny’s, Rosie’s BBQ or Maroo.


Low Cost Vaccination Clinic


Tustin, California

January 3 & 31

From 10:00-11:30 AM, there will be a low cost vaccination clinic for cats and dogs. There will be licensed veterinarians, who will also perform heartworm and cat leukemia testing. There will also be discount flea and tick medications. No appointment is necessary.

K-9 Communication Seminar


Irvine, California

January 9

There will be a free seminar at Petco at 5:00-6:00 PM about how to better understand your dog or puppy. It will be a lively discussion on matters that your dog is trying to say to you.

Puppy Playtime


Tustin, California

January 9 & 16

This will be a free session, where your puppy can socialize with other puppies in a supervised environment. It will take place from 2:30-3:30 PM.


Clicker Dog Training Trick Class


Tustin, California

January 15

There will be a six-week class starting on Friday at 7:00-8:00 PM. Clicker Training is becoming a very popular method of dog training. You’ll be able to learn lots of fun tricks.

Potty Training Seminar


Irvine, California

January 16

There will be a free seminar at Petco Irvine from 5:00-6:00 PM, for dog owners of all kinds. It will cover issues like crate training, house breaking and what to do when accidents do happen.

Pet Stores in Baltimore, Maryland


If you’re on vacation in Baltimore, Maryland, let it be known that this town has an extensive collection of lovely pet stores. Baltimore is not too far from Washington DC, so you could even come to Baltimore up through a DC vacation.

Pretentious Pooch

This is a cat and dog lifestyle boutique. It is located in the Mt Vernon district in Baltimore, and has been open for a few years. It offers cat and dog treats, clothing, special collars and bath products. Dogs of all sorts are allowed to join you while you shop in the store. You can even enter your dog in their “Dog of the Month” competition. They offer products like fancy dog shampoos in many flavors, and even a dog bath robe! If it’s your dog’s birthday while you’re in Maryland, they sell dog birthday cakes.

Doggone Delicious Bakery

This bakery serves all types of treats, such as bones, cupcakes and cakes. There are also organic dog treats. They even ship all over Maryland.

City Pet Center

The City Pet Center is a boarding, grooming and daycare place, whose goals is for dogs to have fun when they visit there. They offer many different forms of grooming, including teeth brushing, baths, nail clippings, brush outs and more. There is also a retail space that has stuff like beds, pet crates, shampoo, clothes, treats, dog and cat food, stationary, toys and more. The products are for dogs and cats only.

Lucy’s Canine Cafe

This dog cafe offers a ton of nicely assorted and presented baked dog treats. They even have outdoor tales where your dog can enjoy the treats. They also offer many different toys and crab bandanas (the crab symbolizes Baltimore). There are also some grooming supplies, collars, leashes and assorted gift items. They have a kitty corner to grab a present for your cat back home too.

Just Puppies

Located in Townson, Maryland, Just Puppies is a family owned and operated store. They buy their puppies from USDA state registered breeders. They help you pick out the type of puppy that is best for you, your family and your lifestyle.

Exoitc Aquatics

This store specializes in live corals, and has specialty corals from places like Indonesia and Australia. They also have fish and aquarium supplies.

How to Give Your Dog a Bath

dog-bath-clothesThe frequency of dog washing has many factors, including breed and activities.¬† However rule of thumb is: if your dog smells bad or is scratching frequently, it’s probably time for a bath. Read on for the easiest way to wash your dog.

You will need: bucket or basin, towels, hose, dog shampoo and a willing volunteer if possible.

Lay these out so they are close but not in the way.

Get the dog
Brush the dog’s coat. Inspect for any skin/coat/health issues.
If your dog is scratching, decide if it is from parasites, allergies, or simple skin irritation. Pick out a good flea or problem specific shampoo at a pet store or retail store. Get a shampoo that says “Will not sting eyes”. Some general dog shampoos are formulated with oatmeal to help reduce general irritation. (If scratching is a big problem with your dog, changing her food may help. Look for a food that says something to the effect of “Good for Skin & Coat”. )
Get your dog’s coat very wet and apply the shampoo. Do this from the top down, first for her back, then gently scrubbing down to the tail and below, her rear legs, belly and chest, and then her neck. Make sure to rub shampoo into all creases, or rolls, like under front legs and neck.
Wash head and face. Get the top of the dog’s head wet, then add pets_0803_dog_bathshampoo a little at a time and wash her head, face, below her eyes, her jowls/whiskers, and under the chin. Use very warm water, and take time to re-rub the entire facial area 2-3 times, since this is an area where eye secretions and food can generate much of a dog’s odor.
Keep the shampoo on your dog for as long as the bottle calls for.
Rinse your dog until the water from her fur runs clear, and then rinse one more time. This is very important, especially for dogs with skin problems.
Towel her off. Make sure you dry the inside of her ears also. In the winter, or for small dogs almost all the time, lay a dry towel on the floor and use a hair dryer and dog brush to dry and brush your dog.
Now give your dog a treat…. She deserves it!

For more information on pet grooming, go to