Lost Dog Reunited With His Family 6 Years Later

It’s a miracle! A military family in North Carolina was reunited with their dog, Bam, when the Fayetteville Animal Shelter called and said they had Bam. In the 6 years that Bam was gone, the family never forgot him and got a new dog, Mila. The son was shocked when his dad came home with […]

Dog Ate 62 Hair Bands And More

A dog living in Pennsylvania luckily lived after having quite a huge surgery in July. Tiki, a black lab who has a problem with eating things, had to have surgery to remove 62 hairbands and 8 pairs of underwear. There were also some other items in the mix. The owners noticed Tiki was feeling ill […]

L.A. County Allows Dogs On Patios

Dogs are now allowed to sit at the outdoor patios of restaurants (as long as the restaurant allows it) as well as being allowed to hang out with their owners at the sidewalk tables. The old rules banned dogs from outdoor patios enclosed by a fence or rail. This is great news for pet owners […]

Oldest Dog in the World: 26 years old and counting!

Many dogs live into their teens and some make it to their early 20s, but Pusuke, a shiba mix breed living in Japan is now holding the record for the oldest living dog in the world according to the Guiness World Records. Pusuke will be 27 this year in December and has vet records that […]