3 Great Dog Ball Toys

Buying toys for your dog can be tiresome. Balls are usually great for dogs because it stimulates their prey drive and they will often chase a ball. However, if the ball is is too thin, your dog will destroy it within minutes. If it’s too big or too tough your dog might lose interest in […]

Need to Shed a Few Pounds?

Now that the weather is warming up, it might be time to shed those winter pounds. Not yours. Well, maybe yours but also your pet’s “winter weight.” While some dogs and cats may not have a problem with weather changes and exercise, other pets end up gaining a few pounds from being inside more and […]

Canicross: Putting Your Dog To Work

Some dogs have a need to pull. We can train them to walk next to us, heel, and have perfect leash manners but some dogs just were made for working. If you have a pup that has a working dog’s mind and could probably tow your car if you hooked her up to it, you […]

Balancing Playtime With Your Dog

Dogs can become hyperactive, overly obsessed, and turn playtime into a never-ending game that sometimes brings out an overly excited and aggressive response. It’s important to show your dog that playtime is just that, PLAYTIME. It’s not a battle or a tug of war or time when your dog can be out of control. Your […]

Doggie Dash: Portland Oregon’s Favorite Dog Event

Want to see a ton of dogs walk around Portland, Or in May? Want to watch some do some amazing tricks? Want to participate and raise money for a good cause? Then register and join or start a team for the 2010 Doggie Dash! Doggie Dash is now in its 23rd year and has a […]

Dog Etiquette: 7 Tips for a good canine citizen

Do you notice that your dog sometimes goes nuts when meeting a new person? Maybe your dog jumps up and knocks people over or runs over dogs at the dog park while playing. There are some basic commands your dog should know to not be considered the “Dennis the Menace” of your neighborhood. If you […]

Dog Park Etiquette


If you are like me, dog parks are a dream come true. I’ve had Daisy for 3 years now. For 2 years of that time I had a 12×12 back yard and for a year I had no yard at all. Not exactly conducive to running and playing. So you can imagine, the first time I went to a dog park I thought my prayers had been answered. How perfect. Daisy could get all the exercise she needed with absolutely no effort from me! WRONG.