Pet Stores in Annapolis, Maryland

Annapolis, Maryland, is full of cute boutiques in the city proper and in the suburbs. Most of these local shops are based around cats and dogs. There is even a coffee shop where you can get your dog groomed! Paws Pet Boutique This store is centered around cats and dogs, providing gourmet cat and dog […]

Pet Stores in Bakersfield, California


Bakersfield, California has a bunch of great pet stores for cats, dogs, fish and birds. There are some specialty stores that only cater to birds or to fish, as well as some luxurious dog and cat boutiques and groomers. Biscuit Boutique and Doggy Spa This fancy little store has facilities for those who look to […]

Pet Stores in Dallas, Texas


Dallas, Texas, has many fine locally-owned pet shops. Many are dedicated to particular pets, or to all sorts of pets. In any case, there’s a good deal of selection of establishments, that you’ll probably find what you need without a problem. Pet Supplies Plus This shop is known for supplying both pet supplies and knowledge […]