Top 10 Gifts For Dogs (and Dog Lovers)

Holidays are here and as you shop for family and friends, don’t forget about your fuzzy buddy, or your dog lover on the shopping list, because getting something for the dog is about the best gift a dog lover could get – it shows that you care about their dog as well as them. There […]

3 Great Dog Ball Toys

Buying toys for your dog can be tiresome. Balls are usually great for dogs because it stimulates their prey drive and they will often chase a ball. However, if the ball is is too thin, your dog will destroy it within minutes. If it’s too big or too tough your dog might lose interest in […]

6 Of The Best Toy Balls For Dogs

Did your dog bury her old ball? Or did it bounce away into the lake at the park? If so, it’s time to replace it. When buying a bounce ball for a dog, you want one that’s sturdy enough to withstand a dog biting it, chewing it, and also want it to be soft enough […]

PetCube – Play With Your Pet (Remotely) Anytime, Anywhere

Spending a day at work away from your pet can be tough on them. They may get lonely, whine, and when you come home they will bounce off the walls wanting to play and spend time with you. Now, there’s a new way to interact with your pet while you’re gone, it’s called Pet Cube. […]

Hug This! Shiba Inu Squishable Kickstarter (ends August 9)

It’s no secret we love dogs. We also love toys, gadgets, and companies that promote greener ways to care for our pets. We also love fun, silly things like big plushy stuffed animals that resemble our beloved pets and other animals we find adorable. There are so many cute stuffed animals that resemble our cats, […]

Tips For Choosing Earth Friendly Toys

So far we’ve talked about ways to be green with choosing cat litter and ways to keep your lawn and dog safe, now let’s talk about the toys we buy for our pets. Toys for dogs and cats are sometimes very colorful, bouncy, and made to increase the “play drive” in our pets. Choosing toys […]