Upcoming Ferret Events

There are a bunch of upcoming ferret events around the United States in the next few weeks. They range from adoption and education events to fun rides to agility trials to assorted parties and seminars. Ferret Adoption/Education Day Petco Hannover, Massachusetts September 18 This event will be from 1:00-4:00 PM, and there will be free […]

Middle America Ferret Clubs

There are lots of different ferret clubs and rescue networks around the Midwest, Heart Land and South of the United States. These groups have many resources and hold events, like rescue, adoption, education, meetings and/or events. Ferret Friends Fellowship Ferret Friends Fellowship is based out of Evanston, Illinois, and is an association of ferret owners […]

East Coast Ferret Clubs

Lots of local ferret clubs exist all over the East Coast. Most of them have rescue services and provide education to the public, and some hold meetings and other fun events for members and ferrets. Ferret Association of Connecticut, Inc The Ferret Association of Connecticut is commited to providing information about ferrets to their owners […]

West Coast Ferret Clubs and Rescue Groups

Ferret lovers and owners throughout the West Coast of the United States have a handful of clubs they can join. Some of these clubs are rescue networks, if people are interested in adopting ferrets. The California clubs pay close attention to the legalization issues regarding ferrets. Ferret Friends, Inc Ferret Friends, Inc, is based out […]

Upcoming Ferret Events

There are a variety of ferret expos, educational symposiums, competitions and other such activities going on within the next few months. Check to see if there is something in your area, or see if you want to travel to any of these events! Ferret Fendango Gilbertsville Fire Company Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania May 8 This ferret show […]

Feeding Your Ferret Effectively

Ferret owners must pay attention to what they are feeding their furry friends in order to ensure a healthy diet and overall lifestyle. Ferret diets should be high in calories and in protein. Being carnivores, their diet should consist mainly of meat. They do not have the proper digestive systems to handle a lot of […]

Upcoming Ferret Shows in the USA


Check out the upcoming ferret shows! There may be one in your area. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could make a trip out of it. Make sure to get a funky ferret costume for all the upcoming Halloween happenings! Midwest Ferret Fellowship Faire The Grand Inn Grand Rapids, Michigan October 17 This event will […]