6 Amazing Aquariums For Your Home

Having pets means sometimes your house isn’t as nice as you’d like it to be, from trampling footprints to items that are necessary to keep your pets happy, the decor can take a “hit.” Aquariums are beautiful with the scenery and fish you have in it but many of them are pretty plain on the outside. The standard rectangle or bowl shape with a light or black plastic top are standard for aquariums but it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are some amazing designs out there for those of us who want style and functionality for our fish.

Here are 6 great aquariums

Wall Mount Fish Bowl

This bowl measures about 10 inches in diameter and screws into the wall with an opening at the top to feed and clean the tank. It holds about a gallon of water and can accent a plain wall in any house.

Bubble tank

It’s often the fish that are the focal point of an aquarium but with this cool fish bowl, your friends will be sure to turn their heads. Place this tank on your end table, desk, or anywhere that it can sit on the edge. The tank is handblown glass and looks amazing anywhere!

Molten Sculptural Bowl

This fish bowl has a base made from the gnarled root of a garnal tree. The glass is handblown and sits perfectly in the roots. It gives an earthy feeling and can compliment your room and because of the uniqueness of the roots, each piece will be different.

Modern Cactus Fishbowl

This very minimal designed fishbowl is great for showing off plants and your fish. It’s a modern design that holds about a liter of water and is stylish while being practical.

End Table Aquarium

Practical and beautiful are two words to describe this aquarium where your fish can swim happily and you have some surface space. It rests on a black acrylic pedestal and holds 15 gallons.

Labyrinth Aquairum

Want your fish to be the centerpiece in your room? Then this aquarium is the one for you. It’s made of several bowls with glass tubes that allow you to have separate worlds and designs in each section. Your fish can swim from section to section. Your fish might have a fancier home than you!

Pet Stores in the East Bay Area, California

The East Bay in California consists of many different towns that have some great pet stores. These shops sell anything from holistic cat and dog foods to self-service pet washes to interesting fish, bird and reptile species.

Paws and Claws

Paws and Claws is a locally-owned Oakland store that carries lots of natural pet foods and other products. Their food section has a fine selection of raw frozen foods, organic foods, kibble and canned foods for cats and dogs. They also sell some natural products for pet rabbits. Some of the other things they sell include collars, leashes, litters, training tools, dog sweaters and other pet apparel.

Along with being a retail store, they are also a kennel-free grooming center with spa, teeth cleaning, shampooing, conditioning and other services. If you care to wash your own pet, they also have self-service bathtubs.

Red Hound Pets

Red Hound Pets is located in the Rockridge district of Oakland, and is a store that sells innovative items for cats and dogs, like carrying bags, scratching posts, and other toys and accessories. They also offer puppy training courses on occasion.

Albany Aquarium

Located in Albany, this store has been in the same location for over 35 years. They host a huge selection of healthy fish, such as Angel Fish, Barbs, Loaches, Petras, Danios, Corydoras and Rainbow Fish. They sell other critters like shrimp, frogs and snails. There are also aquatic plants in this store to compliment the fish tanks.

Dog Bone Alley

Dog Bone Alley is a store for cats, dogs and their owners in Alameda. They sell high-quality pet products, like name-brand holistic foods, treats, toys and gifts for people.

East Bay Vivarium

The East Bay Vivarium is a huge reptile store in Berkeley. They have a wide selection of live turtles, frogs, snakes, lizards, tarantulas and other animals. The Vivarium also sells tanks, feed and supplies for all of their respective creatures.

Your Basic Bird

Your Basic Bird is a Berkeley store that sells several avian species, like Conures, African Grays, Macaws, Amazons and Lovebirds. They also carry a variety of organic pellets, bird treats, branches, swings, ropes, toys, cages and seed. Their staff can even provide boarding for birds, and grooming for birds, rabbits and guinea pigs.

Pet Stores and Services Around Jackson, Mississippi

Jackson, Mississippi, and the surrounding area have lots of wonderful shops and services for cats, dogs and other animal friends. There are some cute places to get dogs groomed and have them boarded, as well as specialty shops for fish and other interesting, exotic creatures.

The Dog Wash

The Dog Wash has all kinds of services for dogs, including bathing, grooming, day camp, boarding and training. They have some high quality spa and salon services, and can give dogs all sorts of cuts, trims and shapes. They offer shampoos, blow-outs, de-shedding, de-matting, facials, oral, ear and nail care, as well as luxury wellness services like medicated balms, wraps and baths. They can also groom cats.

For dogs that need to get in shape, they offer fitness games and programs. There are boarding facilities for dogs during the day or overnight, as well as training classes and services for dogs or for dogs and people.

Saltwater World Jackson LLC

Saltwater World has new corals and fish orders arriving each week, and also provide aquarium services.

Precious Pampered Pets Grooming Salon

The Precious Pampered Pets Grooming Salon is an appointment-only spot. They have doggie daycare where they let dogs exercise and rest throughout their stay, along with enjoying snack time. There is also dog boarding for extended periods of time. They offer some grooming packages, and these have services like bath, blow dry, brush out, nail clipping and other special services like massage and hair dye.

The Fish Bowl

The Fish Bowl is located in Ridgeland, Mississippi. They sell a variety of saltwater fish, like angels and predators, as well as freshwater fish, like African Cichlids and Barbs. There are also some corals, as well as snakes and other reptiles for sale.

The Jungle

The Jungle is a full-service exotic pet store that is situated in Florence, Mississippi. They carry a variety of pets, ranging from birds, reptiles, tropical fish and small animals. There are food and supplies for such animals in this store too.

The Snooty Pooch

The Snooty Pooch is located in Madison, Mississippi, and is a dog boutique and bakery. They sell products for dog health and safety, including bakery treats, kennels, bedding, strollers, first aid kits, leashes and collars. The store also has an inventory of dog apparel, which consists of sweaters, skirts, tanks, outfits, jewelery and hats. For dog people, they also sell a variety of human gifts.

Pet Stores in Salem, Oregon

Salem, Oregon has an array of interesting small pet businesses. Most of them are centered around dogs, but there are also some resources for cats and other domestic animals.

Sebastian’s Healthy Pet Food & Supply

This store has been open since 1993, and they sell all sorts of premium cat and dog foods, along with nail trimmers, toys, dental hygiene products, flea products and more.

Yuppy Puppy

Yuppy Puppy is located in Salem’s historic Reed Opera House. It is a new store that opened in 2008, and is dedicated to providing dogs with many options of fashion and design. They claim to catch the trends in all of the major fashion centers in the world to bring straight to the dogs.

If your dog is festive, they have all sorts of different clothing for holidays, including Christmas, Valentine’s, St Patricks, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. They also carry a wide range of different types of dog clothes, like coats, sweaters, hoodies, pants and bikinis. Apart from clothes, they also carry luxurious dog toys, harnesses, leashes, collars, carriers and travel accessories.

Coral Reef Pet Center

The Coral Reef Pet Center sells all sorts of saltwater fish, corals and anonemoes. Some of their featured products include clams, yellowtort, jawfish and zoanthid polyps.

Pet Etc

Pet Etc is a locally owned store that sells all sorts of pet food, treats and supplies.  They also sell many accessories, carriers and health products.

Salem Friends of Felines

Salem Friends of Felines is not exactly a pet store, but is a thirft store and cat shelter. The thrift store is meant to raise money to help out the cats. They mostly sell clothing and household goods.

Everything Pawsable

Everything Pawsable is a dog training center, where they do puppy classes, obedience classes and therapy dog certification. They also sell some dog gifts, foods and supplies.

Pet Village Ltd

Pet Village has been providing pet boarding facilities ever since 1974. They also offer training services, like obedience classes, private lessons, puppy kindergarten and guard and protection classes.

Affordable Pet Grooming

Affordable Pet Grooming has services for all breeds and sizes. They can do baths, cuts, nails and other services for dogs. They also do boarding.

Pet Stores in Kalamazoo, Michigan

The city of Kalamazoo, Michigan, has a good selection of locally-owned pet stores.

Some offer grooming services, and others offer luxury products for pampered pets. There is also a feed store for those who have livestock.

Bark’s 5th Avenue

Bark’s 5th Avenue is a large, well-stocked local pet store mostly centered around dogs. They have products for specific needs, such as eco-friendly shampoo, training aids and behavioral toys. For stylish animals, they carry things like designer collars, hand-painted place mats, pet jewelery and even some Swarovski crystal accessories for the bourgeoisie pet. For tougher dogs, they carry stuff like dog backpacks, frisbees, collapsible bowls, water canteens and camping accessories. Dogs are welcome to come in and try outfits on.

Bone Appetit Bakery

This place acts as mainly a groomer, but also has baked goods, boarding, food and other gifts. Pets are allowed to come in and check out the supply.

Oak Ridge Feed

Oak Ridge Feed is a family owned and operated store that has been around since 1997. They sell feed, supplies and accessories for an array of animals, ranging from cats, dogs, horses, wild birds, family fowl, small animals, livestock and fish. They sometimes hold events like training classes, adoptions and bake sales.

Mother’s Reef

Mother’s Reef is located in Parchment, Michigan. It carries assorted exotic pets and marine life, as well as supplies and accessories. The coral stock has some very unique specimens.

Camp Fido

Camp Fido is mainly a dog daycare center, with an environment designed so that dogs can get exercise and be social, rather than being home all day. They also offer grooming, training and shuttle services.

MV Pets

MV Pets is located in Portage, Michigan, and is an independent store that specializes mainly in nutritional food, supplies and aquatic pets.  They sell ample products for cats, dogs, fish, reptiles and birds, with everything to do with food, shelter and comfort.

Check out these crazy cat beds they sell!

Mattawan Pet Supplies

Mattawan Pet Supplies is located in Mattawan, Michigan, and is connected to Mattawan Animal Hospital. They carry specialty foods for cats and dogs, and some indulgent dog accessories. They also have some other products for small animals, reptiles, birds and fresh water fish. They also sometimes hold sales and fun events.

The lower level of this store is Geddes Groomed, where cats and dogs can get groomed, bathed or trimmed.

Pet Stores Around Providence, Rhode Island

There are lots of great local pet stores in and around the city of Providence, Rhode Island. Shoppers can easily buy holistic pet food, aquarium supplies or pet pastries!

Rhode Island Aquarium & Pet Center

This store has a variety of freshwater, tropical and gold fish available, and they specialize in rare and exotic species. They also sell some small animals and exotic reptiles. There is also a variety of products at this store, such as protein skimmers, aquarium systems, filters, ornaments, as well as holistic dog and cat foods. In terms of services, they offer free water testing and demos on fish tank maintenance, as well as diagnostics on fish diseases.

Plaid & Stripe

This pet store is centered around cats and dogs. They have a huge supply of collars and leashes with all sorts of unique and fashionable designs. They also sell canine grooming supplies, containers, toys and treats. For cats, they sell specialty bowls and other containers. Well behaved dogs are welcome inside for complimentary water and treats. There are also some gifts for human pet lovers, like apparel, books, art and cards.

Dogs in Harmony

Dogs in Harmony is mainly a bakery for dogs that carries its own line of pet pastries and organic dog treats. There are also many eco-friendly dog products and food, spa supplies, dog apparel, glassware and toys. They also have a “cat corner,” as well as food and supplements for rabbits.

Pure Paradise Pets

This pet store is located in Johnston, Rhode Island, and is a full line pet store that has some interesting features.

The store has large animals living there, such as an alligator, an anaconda and a giant tortoise! There are also some normal pets in the reptile room, like boas, corn snakes and pythons, as well as some spiders and scorpions. There are some exotic birds, like macaws and amazons, also on display and sale. The fish room has a very well-stocked supply of freshwater fish. There are even some small animals for sale.

National Pet Center

This pet store is located in Cranston, Rhode Island, and is family owned and operated. They sell a variety of animals, including domestic kittens, purebred kittens, reptiles, amphibians, freshwater fish, gerbils, hamsters, mice, rats, chinchillas, ferrets and more. They also sell products like organic food and fish supplies. They also offer a few animal services, such as nail trimming, wing clipping and some low-cost health clinics (just check when they are holding these services).

Pet Stores in Knoxville, Tennessee

Knoxville, Tennessee, has many great pet stores for animals of all kinds. These locally owned stores range from small mom and pop spots to huge warehouses!

Agri Feed Pet Supply

This pet store dates back to 1976, and continues to be locally owned and operated. It is the largest independent pet store in the Knoxville area. They have all sorts of supplies, snacks, toys and accessories for assorted animals, like cats, dogs, fish and birds. They also hold community events with various rescue groups every Saturday, which is a wonderful opportunity to adopt dogs.

Active Pets

Active Pets is a little, locally-owned store, which sells aquarium supplies, bird cages, bird equipment and assorted other pet food and supplies. They can special order items that they do not carry.

Strictly Feathers

This is the largest bird specialty store in Knoxville, and they sell some hand fed baby birds. They also carry bird feed and other supplies, as well as literature about owning birds.

Critter Barn

Critter Barn is centered around reptiles, and was established in 1972. They sell reptiles (mostly snakes), most of which they breed right in the store, and specialize in Ball Pythons, Boas and Bearded Dragons. They sell assorted food and supplies for reptiles too. There is even a dog, Cane, that hangs out in the store!

Coral Reef

This is a locally owned saltwater aquarium store that has aquarium supplies, corals and live rock and an expert staff.

Fins ‘n Skins Inc

This store is focused on cold blooded animals, but they also sell some small furry animals like hamsters and gerbils. They sell a wide selection of amphibians, reptiles, saltwater fish, freshwater fish and more. In terms of supplies, they have aquariums and terrariums, crickets, frozen and live rodents, plants, pumps, reef systems and rocks. They also do water analysis.


Appropriately named, this store has an insane selection of aquarium supplies for pond, fresh and salt water enthusiasts.

Pet Care Warehouse

This is a large store that serves a variety of animals, such as cats, dogs, freshwater fish, saltwater fish, reptiles, amphibians and birds. There is even a pet spa, where you do not need to have an appointment, and you can choose from a variety of programs, and choose what kind of shampoo your pet will be washed with.

Pet Quarters

Pet Quarters is a small place for retail pet supplies and grooming services. They sell brand name pet food, as well as products for cats, dogs, horses, birds, fish, reptiles and assorted small animals. They have grooming services five days a week by appointment, and can take care of dogs, cats and even guinea pigs. Pet Quarters also holds pet adoption services every Saturday.

Advice for Traveling with Your Fish

Traveling or moving with your fish can be a bit complicated, but can go well if you do everything correctly.

The first thing you should do is remove your fish from an aquarium if it exceeds five gallons. You should then place your fish in a break-proof container. You can take smaller aquariums with you while you are traveling, but you must be careful that they do not break. Otherwise, it is very risky to take large aquariums in your car.

One option of containing your fish is a strong plastic bag, or a small bucket if you poke air holes into the lid. You should fill it one third of the way with its original aquarium water. If you put your fish in a strong plastic bag, you should then put an additional plastic bag around it so that the water does not leak out. You should secure them both with a rubber band.

If you have a lot of fish, you should bring multiple plastic bags so they do not become too crowded. Bring some back up bags with you on the trip, in case the bag gets a leak. You should also bring a back up water bottle in case this happens.


You can place the fish bags into a styrofoam container, like a cooler. If you bring your fish in the bucket, then you should make sure it is secure in the car so it does not fall over. You should also buy some liquid healing agent from a pet store (one that sells fish), and put it into the water during your trip. Follow the directions on its container.

You should open up the bag or bucket once every four to six hours for fresh air.

For your trip, you should try to bring a good deal of water from the usual fish aquarium. You should try not to experiment with new water too much at first, because water has different materials in it everywhere you go, and you do not want to harm your fish. When you reach your destination, you should put your fish back into its aquarium as soon as you can. You should buy some neutralizer agent from a pet store, in case you need to fill up its tank with tap water, and neutralize it. Over time, you should add more and more of the new tap water to your fish tank, so it can gradually get accustomed to it.

Pet Stores in Aspen, Colorado


Aspen, Colorado has a few fun places to go shopping for your pet while you’re enjoying your ski trip. There is also a very nice place to board cats and dogs!

Rocky Mountain Pet Shop

This pet store has been open in Aspen since 1970. They claim to be a no-frills shop that has fair, honest pricing. They have just opened the new self-service dog wash, complete with a selection of brushes, a hair dryer, towels, shampoos and conditioners. They sell a variety of pet food and supplies, and even strange products like a harness to walk your guinea pig. They stock freshwater fish, mice, rats, snakes, hamsters and feeders like crickets. It is located right downtown. They have more of a selection for a broader range of animals than most of the other stores in Aspen.

CB Paws

This store is located in the Hyman Avenue Mall, in downtown Aspen. It is a boutique that sells more upscale products and accessories for dogs and cats. Some of their products include people gifts, dog and cat beds, feeders, beds, carriers, leashes, collars, toys and treats.

Aspen Wags to Riches

This store is located in the Aspen/Pitkin County Animal Shelter, and some of the proceeds are donated to the animals at this shelter.

The shop has an array of pet clothing and accessories, gifts and gift baskets, custom painted bowls and jars, beds, treats, dog toys and grooming supplies. There are even clothing and accessories for humans. The store also offers some services, such as a grooming and day spa; home deliveries; custom gift baskets; children parties; even pet parties!

Mountain Tails

Located in Crested Butte, Colorado, this is a locally owned and operated boutique for cats and dogs. They sell food, treats, pet beds, collars, leashes, bowls, pet clothing, crates, tents and toys. There is also an outdoor gear selection for those who like to ruff it with their dog in Colorado.

Oh Be Dogful

This is a nice pet ranch located in Crested Butte, Colorado. Dogs can play together in the huge fenced yard or the indoor playroom. They have put together a jungle gym, toys, kiddie pools, a sandpit and more. Dogs play under human supervision at all times. The indoor area has TV, comfy beds and pillows. There is also a private cat room, which is an indoor place where cats can relax and view birds outside or explore around the premises. They have catnip and other kitty toys. They sell a few retail products at Oh Be Dogful, like hemp collars, leashes and beds, or recyclable chew. They also offer walks for dogs in the Crested Butte area.

Pet Stores in Sacramento, California

Sacramento, California, has a few good locations to go shopping for your pet. There are a couple of great aquarium specialist shops, a bird shop, as well as some general practical stores for pets in general.

Capitol Aquarium

This store names itself “Sacramento’s premiere tropical fish emporium.” It has over 9,000 square feet, and is open all week from 10:00 AM-6:00 PM. They offer a selection of fish, aquariums, food and accessories. They have over 50 saltwater tanks on display, as well as over 20 tanks of live aquatic plants.

Western Feed and Supply

This store has a few locations around California. They offer a selection of food for dogs and cats, treats, chews, beauty products, toys, leashes, collars, supplements, litter, bird seed, beds, and products for small animals and large animals (goats, cows, ducks etc). Click here to view their specials.


The Bird Shop

This store carries birds from Amazons to Zebras, as well as ninety different types of bird seed and seven different pelleted diets brands. They have a huge toy selection of over 1,500 items, as well as different types of playpens. They also have gifts for bird-loving humans, such as T shirts, mugs and other accessories. They have a baby bird nursery where they raise some of the birds that they will later sell. They have two birds that live in the store, Trouble and Sunshine.

Exotic Aquarium

This store is open 7 days a week, and it has been retailing Sacramento ever since 1966. They work with a range of wholesalers and have both a saltwater and freshwater selection. They also carry over 2000 different aquarium related products. They offer custom made tanks, stands and canopies. They offer a range of supplies like filters, pumps, lightings, pond supplies, skimmers, chillers and calcium reactors. It’s a good place to either start out or improve your aquarium.

Pet Haven

This store has products for all types of pets, such as cats, dogs, birds, reptiles and fish. You can also call up their staff for pet advice.

Pet’s Paradise

This store offers supplies and food for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and other pets. They also do grooming for cats and dogs.

Pet Extreme

This chain pet store has several locations around California. They offer supplies and food for cats, dogs, birds, reptiles and small animals. The Sacramento location also offers dog wash services, as well as services for teachers. This location also will offer low-cost vaccine clinics on Sundays 3:30-5:00 PM starting January 3rd.