Stupid Human, Don’t Do That!

What annoys you the most about your human? Mine doesn’t wake up when I tell her to. I meow at her, stand on her, lick her head, and paw at her face. All she does is roll over or pull the blanket up over her. She doesn’t listen. I’ve tried treats, positive reinforcement, and ignoring bad behavior. Nothing works.

I’ve got a list of things that annoy me that my human does, does yours do this too?!

Rough-housing – playing rough is fine but not when I’ve just woken up from a nap! All I want to do is stretch, drink some water, and wake up slowly. I don’t want to immediately wrestle or have my sides rubbed really hard and fast. I don’t want to have my paws high-fived. Stupid human.

Fake outs – when we are playing a game, don’t fake throw the ball. That’s mean. Showing me the ball and then “throwing it” so I look around and dart after it only to find out that it’s still in her hand is just cruel. I don’t tease her like that.

Late feeding times – it’s annoying when she doesn’t come home on time, doesn’t immediately apologize, and doesn’t put food in my bowl the moment she walks inside. She’s not well-trained. I’m not sure where I went wrong. What’s even worse is when she picks up the bowl, puts food in it, and then forgets to put it back down on the floor for me! TEASE!

Inviting people over – I like some of her friends and some give me a lot of attention. But if I’m sleeping or have left the room do not come find me. I left because I’m done socializing. I don’t want more hugs, don’t want to be picked up. Leave me alone. Let me sleep! Ever notice humans are just dumb?

Stupid humans… why do we own them?
What does your human do that annoys you?

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29 Benefits of Owning a Pet

There are a lot of reasons to own a pet. Some of us have grown up with pets and it’s hard to imagine living without one as an adult. Others of us may work with animals and sometimes find that there’s one little stray that borrowed its way into our hearts and homes or that foster pup ended up being a furever pup. Sometimes pets find us and literally follow us home (this happened to my cousin years ago).

Regardless of why you have a pet, the health benefits are great and plentiful. Studies have shown that pet owners have decreased levels of stress and tend to have better levels of cholesterol than those who do not own pets. We’ve talked about the benefits of having a dog and when it comes to getting out of the house and exercising as well as the silly things our pets do that make us laugh.

Here’s 29 benefits of owning a pet

  1. They reduce allergies in children who grow up with them
  2. Petting a pet can reduce stress
  3. Walking or jogging with your dog can help you stay fit
  4. When you least expect it, they can make you laugh
  5. Hugging a pet can help relieve sadness
  6. Taking care of a pet can keep us from falling into funks
  7. Dogs can detect illnesses in us (like cancer) and help us get treatment sooner
  8. They are great therapists and always listen to our woes
  9. When it’s cold, a pet snoozing on the bed can warm it up before we go to sleep
  10. Pets won’t judge us if we eat popcorn for dinner or ice cream for breakfast
  11. Pets also don’t care if our socks don’t match
  12. Dogs are more than happy to help clean up any dropped food, especially around the high chair of your baby
  13. Dogs will bark to alert you someone is near your house
  14. If you lose something in the house (like keys) chances are your pet knows where they are, like under them. My cat sits on the things I tend to need.
  15. They’ll gladly help you finish that ham and cheese sandwich
  16. If you need to turn the soil in your yard, your dog may volunteer and dig those holes for you (just might not be where you want them)
  17. Alarm clocks aren’t necessary when your dog has a routine and will gladly keep you on it too
  18. Can help fidgety people calm down. Pet fish can help people learn to sit still and relax
  19. Dogs trained to notice health changes can keep us safe like diabetic and seizure alert dogs that can detect changes in our body before we can
  20. Pets can help children with autism communicate better
  21. Shedding pets will remind us to vacuum! Else we are all furry
  22. Some are just so ugly that they are cute and make us smile for no reason
  23. Pets can reduce the risk of eczema
  24. Some dogs can be trained to sniff out things – like food that contains ingredients you are allergic to and steer you away from them
  25. They remind to live in the present and stop worrying about the future or wishing for a different past. They are your Zen gurus
  26. Dogs can help you make friends at the dog park or on a walk
  27. A teething puppy can remind you to “let go” of material goods (especially when they chew them up!)
  28. Decrease stress
  29. Lowers blood pressure

What would YOU add to this list?

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10 Ways to Say “I Love You” to a Pet on Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day has its roots in Christianity, back to St. Valentine who wrote, “From your Valentine” before he was executed. Today, Valentine’s Day is not only a religious holiday but it is also one where many of us show how much we appreciate our partners, those we have been dating for a little bit, and anyone else that is special to us. We exchange cards, candy, go to the movies, and anything else that expresses our gratitude and love.

What about our pets? They are special to us, we love them, they love us, and they could use a little extra TLC too. And come on, we all know that sometimes our pets are better than the person we’re dating because they don’t mind if we forgot to take out the garbage, leave our socks on the floor, or snore in bed. They don’t care if the sink is filled with dishes or if we smoke or drink too much with our buddies. All they care about is that we are kind to them, love them, and create a loving and safe environment for them.

It’s time to show your pets that you love them this Valentine’s Day.

10 Ways to Show “I Love You” To Your Pet

Spa Treatment

Take your pup to the groomer for a full makeover. Nail trim, oatmeal bath, trim, and brush out are a great way to show your dog that you care. Their skin and fur will thank you for it. Cold, dry weather can dry out their skin and dead fur can be tangled into their coats. A spa day will make them feel brand new. For your cat, a nail trim, a good brushing, and cleaning the ears with some catnip and yummy treats afterwards will show you care. We can’t guarantee they will like the treatment at the time, but they will be happy afterwards.
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Walk and Talk

Yeah, that’s right. That’s what dogs want, plain and simple. A long walk after breakfast or before dinner with ample time to sniff and check out every shrubbery, tree, and fire hydrant and maybe, just maybe, chase a squirrel up a tree will make your dog feel like the only dog in the world.
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The Kardashians really like bling, your pets will too. Now, I’m not saying your pets are like the Kardashians. I’m just saying, ummm, well, uh…nevermind.

Your pets could use a new leash, new collar, or even a new fancy dish to eat out of. How about a fancy water dish with their name on it or a leather collar that looks stunning with their fur? There are plenty of accessories for your pets from little trinkets to outstanding jackets and shoes. Indulge a little. Show the world your pet is worth it!
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Dogs just want to hang with you, right? They want to know they are appreciated. So take the extra step this Valentine’s Day and spend some quality time together. A walk and game of fetch, or jog through the park will increase the bond already present. Small pets and cats may enjoy just being held or petted, playing with a toy, or talked to. Now, we know you already do these things but do it longer on Valentine’s Day. Give them some extra attention!
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Clean Up

Be a servant to your pet. Clean up their litter box, vacuum their bedding and wash it, scrub their food and water bowls, and clean the dried goopy peanut butter out of that Kong. Pets may not like being bathed but they do appreciate their things being cleaned. It also helps remove odors from the home. When you’re done your pet may thank you for it by coming over and giving you a head butt or face lick.
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Dress Up!

If your dog wears sweaters or a raincoat when going out during the winter months, it could be a great time to buy a new one for her/him. You could also get yourself a matching sweater. Then no one will mistake that you are owned by your pet. I used to hang out with a girl who had a dog that loved putting on his argyle sweater vest every morning. It was very cute. I’m not sure if she had a matching vest.
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Angels on a Leash

Your heart will swell noticeably. Check it out and donate! Your heart will swell 3 times its current size. We promise. They are an organization of wonderful therapy dogs that visit people who need a little wet nose and wagging tail in their life as they heal.

It’s a great organization and maybe your perfect pup could become a therapy dog or you can donate and help Angels on a Leash continue bring love to those who need it.
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Foster or Adopt?

What would Valentine’s Day be without a true act of kindness or love? Just another cold day in winter is our guess. Check out to see other cool animals just waiting for their Valentine. Get to it! Your dog might make a new best friend or end up with a new sibling…
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A Dog Love Doll

Anti-Warm and Fuzzy. This is really a love doll for your dog. I don’t know how it works. I don’t know if there’s a spray on scent or not. I… I… here’s a link. And no, I don’t know what the “cone” part is for…
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Just Give’em What They Really Want

Ferrets, Hamsters, Rats, Rabbits – often want puzzles, mind exercises… a new maze made from cardboard boxes, a paper towel tube to crawl into or chew on, and maybe a some yummy treats hidden here and there.

Cats: Give’em a bird, err, we mean give them catnip.

Dogs: How about a cooked up meal of vegetables and brown rice mixed with salmon? Or maybe some fresh from the deli cheese? Your dog might even like to lick the peanut butter jar. Give ’em what they really want, food and more food.
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In all reality, a lot of pets would probably love for us to not date anyone else so they could have us all to themselves and home all the time.

What does your pet really love?

How To: Exercise Your Dog IN the Hotel Room

Sometimes it just isn’t feasible to take your dog with you everywhere outside your hotel room when you travel.

Gasp! I know… sacrilege! But think about it. Maybe you’re traveling for a big business meeting, or to check in with your parole officer for that one “what happens in Vegas” moment you’re still paying for. Or maybe it’s just the first date with the out-of-town girl you met online with a super cute photo yet an oddly deep voice.

In any case, these scenarios might be awkward if you have your dog tagging along. Probably not if you show up with your rats though.

So back to the dogs. If you don’t exercise them, they’ll just end up eating the legs off the nightstand at the hotel, and you’re going to have to pay for it.

We have a solution for you, train your dog to exercise in it’s sleep. Not possible, you say? Watch the video below. Now all you have to explain to the hotel front desk are those odd circular-shaped scratch marks in the wood floors.