8 Signs You Might Be Hanging Out With Your Pet Too Much

You’re probably thinking, “What?! No such thing!” There are times when we may be spending a lot of time home, with our pets, and not socializing with our friends as much as we used to. Everything in moderation, right? Sometimes the scale may tip towards the pets. It’s easy to understand, pets are pretty awesome.

If you’re concerned that maybe you’re spending too much time with your pets, here’s a checklist to help see if you should make a phone call and get out of the house:

1: You find yourself asking your pet things like “Should I wear this to work?” or “What should we have for dinner?” or “Do you want to watch this show?”

2: You start greeting your co-workers and friends with a pat on the head, scratch on the chin, and say, “Good boy/girl.”

3: Your dog and cat now eat at the table with you. They sit in their chairs and you’ve bought them placentas.

4: Your dog’s wardrobe is warranting its own closet. And you ask your dog, “Do you want to wear your yellow raincoat or the blue one?” before going out on rainy days.

5: When you talk about your dog, it takes others a few minutes to realize that you’re talking about your dog and not about another person.

6: Your fridge and pantry has shelves of cat and dog food and treats that outnumber your own stock of groceries.

7: When watching tv you start talking to your pet, “Can you believe he didn’t win?” or “I knew that answer!”

8: There are more pics of your pet on your smartphone than friends and family.

If a few of these sound familiar, call a buddy and get some pizza. Your pets might like the alone time. Remember, not many people like their chin scratched.